The million dollar question

Greetings brothers in pips,
I have been following the pipsology school for some time now.It seems that forex trading can give the financial freedom that everyone has been dreamin since …well forever I guess.
So the million dollar question goes like this:
-If I started with a micro account of USD 1000 (after seriously considering to make a living out of FOREX),how long or how many years it will take for me to quit my job and be a full time trader.(I know the answers may vary but I’m sure someone out there can answer this based on their lifelong experience ) :smiley:

Depends on the trade style you use.


I agree with Pipgod. Your style will depict your time frame. In the interim while you demo trade, only trade volumes that would risk 1-3% of your capital you intend to start with and try to see how long it may take to initially GROW your capital large enough before you are able to take any cash out. I would do this for a few months b4 i quit my job or anything like that.

Good luck and enjoy da day.