The mistake journal!

Hello fellow traders.
Today I decided to start an unusual thread, one that will follow my path in shaping my strategy following my mistakes.
The goal of this thread is to observe and learn from my mistakes, not only for me but for the rest of the world since I am a human beeing and we all have the same flaws when it comes to trading. In addition to that I would like to hear your own perspective and Ideas.

Let the forex gods be with us:47:

OK, today’s fail, 80 pips ouch

waiting for price to react to key support and resistance zone to take a long, I have been waiting for this move almost 3 days now!
been watching the calendar closely, price spikes down and hits the top of the zone! starting a nice retracement (or maybe not) even though was a little too early, I decide to enter. 2 hours and ST got hit a little below the the top level zone.
and then second attempt!!! price reaches my wanted destination, bottom of the zone, this time beeing very impulsive and trade hungry after I left monday with no trades taken, so I decided I will go in!

and again being stopped out 20 pips below the zone!
what a horrible day!!! ):

what on earth have I been missing?!! FUNDAMENTALS!
well I guess someone hasn’t been putting enough attention to the news today… moody moody and ISIS thanks alot for all these sellers ):
any advice ?