The more you learn-the more you earn

anyone likes to chat continue about trading. only finish all lessons in babypips school. and it will be great when we share our experience. thank you.

Have you tried trading through a demo account yet? They are very useful when selecting the right strategy and style for you personally, they are risk-free and they allow you to trial different brokers.

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yes, I trade live accounts too. and I trade binary options for 2 years. but I fail to build up my correct psychology for trading. then I figure out trading binary options more risk and there is no correct risk management plan. and always focus on the gambling I turn my direction to forex and then I realize forex trading is the real business. my story like that?


Nice to hear. Try to practice that knowledge in the demo.

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Al knowledge is useless without proper practice.

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So what have you done to improve your mindset?

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after a lot of losses. I realize my own. if my system working. now I will want to earn a lot. but still, I stay in the same situation. so my system is wrong? so I change my mindset up. because I can’t give up. so if I want to trade I want to focus on winning systems others profitable do. and when we start trading we think all time our set up always correct. but after some time. we realize here no perfect system.'A MISTAKE IS WHEN YOU DON’T FOLLOW YOUR RULES. IF YOU DON’T HAVE RULES IN TRADING. EVERYTHING YOU DO IS A I do a lot of mistakes. I think all noobs have this problem. in that time we focus on more learning. then we earn. because THE MORE YOU LEARN-THE MORE YOU my opinion is when we came to the forex market we don’t want to deposit any money. and practise with learning is the key to success, but the truth is a start in forex no one cant control their emotions and they enter to live any deposit and trade revenge trading. here all-time pro traders telling don’t trade live until getting an idea about psychology. but all do the same thing. so 90% loss is normal. but after a lot of losses teach that lesson and I pay for it. so that is how I try to build up a mindset. thank you.

so I like to learn. who like to teach me something about will be a great help for me in my trading journey. thank you.