The most accurate trading system

Guys I got many recommendations about this system
Can you please check it and let me know your views?

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On their website they say that the system confirms trends on longer time-frames and identifies corrections on shorter time frames. They then look at price action, momentum and volume to pinpoint high probability with-trend entry points.

Apart from the mention of volume, this is a very standard view of trading - as the old-timers in the stock markets used to say, buy on the pullback.

They use a short time-frame to pinpoint an entry level, which might or might not be necessary but a lot of people are doing it.

Its likely you would be paying for someone else to do the donkey work (and take responsibility for the decisions) and this might be of sufficient value to you to justify the cost.


Thank you so much.
I was actually thinking the same but wanted confirmation by experienced

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No worries. Its kind of comforting that the best (or at least the most saleable) idea these guys had is not very different to what is standard in the field. I’d be worried if reports emerged of new traders making fortunes with some black box system that uses a totally unknown factor or a radically new perspective.


is there any accurate system? its hard to believe

yeah… i think comparatively more efficient that’s what they were trying to say :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

hahaha…that sounds real :rofl:

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While it’s nice to have an accurate system you can still make good money in the market even if you lose over half the time.

One of the biggest problems for new traders is they are desperate to find systems with win rates of 75% or over.

The very thought of only winning 55% of the time fills them with dread.

My advice is to work on accepting that losses are a big part of the business rather than focusing on avoiding them by searching for holy grails.


I completely agree with you. We should accept failures and treat them as stepping stones.

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@Johnscott31 thats a very nice thought and tip for the newbies reading this. never ever go after the win rates. acceptance is important.


i don’t think there’s an accurate trading strategy…cos even pple with 30years of experience under their belt experience series of losing streak…i just started demo trading for a month now and have seen alot of stuff i could have avoided but stubbornly entered and i got burnt but have had few winners too…that’s how I’m going to create a strategy that fits me personally…pls i will need help from this community


There is no “system” just analysis of each situation differently.

Yes there are accurate systems out there. Its just that most people consider them not very accurate.

Remember back in school when you sat a test and scored 11 out of 20 and the teacher (bless her) said that wasn’t really good enough? Well now you can forget that BS.


Yes… it’s perspective of individual and how things work for you. If some get “desired” results from a method or system, he/she will consider it pretty good: otherwise won’t. Never mind in trying different things

This cannot be said enough.

One of the first accounts I blew had a 67% win rate. This is what happens when your “strategy” allows you to cut winning positions early and let losing positions run.


Trend lines in plain chart is most accurate technical way

Yeah… agree with you

Can you please tell me what strategy you were applying?

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My point here is that the strategy is irrelevant if you don’t use proper money management. Had I not let my losing trade keep running, hoping they would turn around, then I would still have a good percentage of that money I lost.

Frankly, I don’t think that it will work for you or anyone. Instead of looking for shortcuts, look for genuine ways that can help you make the most of the market. Try to find your own ways and don’t depend on others.