The "No Brain" Strategy - Easy Strategy with Telegram Alerts

Hey Everyone!

i just made a Video about a Strategy i personally use and it is the first with which I am profitable in simulating and backtesting and it also looks really good live so far!

70-75% win rate and a risk ratio of 1.5. I also have a bot running on a server that sends the signals to look for a trade on a Telegram channel. The Channel is of course public and free of charge :slight_smile:

Try it out! I would be happy to hear your opinion!

Here is the Link to the Youtube Video:


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Following signals off telegram alerts is not a strategy…



Yes, it is - strategy for failure!!



Yes and this looks like straight advertising… :roll_eyes:

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I dont know

He or she might be totally genuine.

What is worth thinking of though is that even if the strategy is free - many of these marketeers earn their fees as introducing brokers.

That is… broker will pay them if they can bring them new clients, there are also many payment structures.


I respect that you gave him the benefit of the doubt. I should try and do that more often lol.

@ponponwei @Johnscott31 I think you haven’t even watched the video for 10 seconds or even tested it yourself. :wink:
And on Telegram there are no signals but notifications when a possible entry is possible according to the rules of the strategy. Of course you have to decide for yourself whether the setup looks good or not!

And by the way, I do not find it objectionable if someone provides something free of charge and then possibly promotes something, the one who buys what is promoted then still has the power over it. My opinion. :smile: and what is the strategy behind this?

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The strategy makes use of forex pairs which have currently started moving in a trend. To detect this I use the Moving Average 20 (TF H4)… every time the price crosses the MA20 and closes above/below it, I am looking for a trade.
Clue of this is, that this behavior often means that the price left a consolidation and started trending!
Of course it is usefull to also be aware of and understand price action, as I would never buy or sell when the price is near to a resistance or support level. :slight_smile:

To detect these opportunities I use alerts (like u can do it on tradingview) which are sent to me via Telegram…

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No I havent. - and have no intention to, however if you read my post I wasn’t specifically referring to you - I’m sure your intentions are good.

And for the record I don’t even mind traders, or mentors making money from teaching.

I’m not following your group simply because I don’t need to.

Well, I just find it a little weird to make a post under a strategy in the “Trading Systems” section without even looking at the strategy. :wink: :grinning:

And now let’s Discuss the Strategy. :hugs: Thanks for the insight :+1:

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I know the strategy - it’s like countless other momentum, moving average strategies.

Nothing wrong with that - they can make money.

And I wish you the best of luck - but as a trader of many years I know trading systems are dime a dozen - non of them impress me at all.

What does impress me is the ability to stick to it when the system goes through a losing streak.

@Johnscott31 Yes, i also do think that mostly every Strategy can be Profitable if you have a Plan and Stick to it and also have a good Risk Management! :slight_smile:

Haha that’s my strategy right now!
It’s a work in progress, though.

Good luck!

Well, since this is a free service, I think we can all give it a try at least. If this helps, then you can always make use of the alerts and make trades accordingly.

Yes! :slight_smile: Just want to help because this Strategy really helped me :slight_smile: