The No Lie Trading Guide

Hello! to all fellow members of BabyPips,

Firstly, I like to apologize to all my supporters for keeping you wait so long.

Do let me know if you have trouble downloading the PDF attached below.

The No Lie Trading Guide.pdf (1.07 MB) - Updated on 08/09/2014

Do note that:

Adulthood Analysis are meant for experienced traders and will not be released this year due to the tools, indicators and combinations are more complex because we want to have high probability of our pending orders being done than missed by few pips.

Pipkari Cheers! :30:

The No Lie Trading Guide.pdf (1.07 MB)

Interesting read, thanks

Thanks very much, Glennmaru. Looking forward your Adulthood Analysis part.

Interesting start. Nothing new but all pearls of wisdom. Look forward to the final chapter.

I hope that by the time the Adulthood Analysis come out I WILL be an experienced trader…:slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing

Good one mate.

Yup dude,

There’s nothing new. It’s for traders to understand why things are being created and how it’s being used.

To the rest,

My satisfaction is to let you bring whichever you find it useful to apply to your trading as long you understand the concept.
Don’t worry about must die die follow the ways I do my stuff.
Everyone is unique.

Thanks for all the stars! ^^

If you are very consistent and yet still losing money, just reverse your strategy.


good to go, nice summary.
looking forward to the last part.