The Prop Firm Fallacy : myForexFunds is now myFrozenFunds

I hope some of you realized how ridiculous it is that you need a credit check for a used car loan but these prop firms are giving out $100,000 to $400,000 in trading capital with no credit check or collateral. :thinking: :face_with_monocle: :exploding_head:

And this is where we end up now…


Press Release from the CTFC:

You all stay safe in these markets.

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Unfortunately, trading against clients using a B Book market is how the retail Industry operates…

The evidence against them is huge. They had contractors trying to keep traders from getting huge payouts.

CFTC charged them… Apparently they were using software to disadvantage their clients trades…

Where have we seen behavior like this in these markets before…


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Recently, I heard a lot of complaints about MFF. I also plan to open an account with it.
One thing I wonder is that besides there are many other funds with similar forms, are they scams?

Everything that isn’t regulated is technically risky even if it’s not a scam.

MFF was legit until it wasn’t…

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Prop firms are just extending the slippage scam… A similar scam that Brokers offering MT4/MT5 used against their clients a few years back…

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My Forex Funds and The Funded Trader are not the only ones… I notice that a lot of the CEOs of the prop firms are very quiet all of a sudden…

If this predatory criminal behaviour from this industry continues… I wouldn’t be surprised to see retail Forex via CFD closed down… Permanently…


they are all deceptive scams.

they say “pay me to play a demo account”, and if you manage to follow our impossible trading rules then we will award you a live account.

ALL of them operate using this deceptive model…all of them.

no wonder they are being quiet.

they are scared to go to a prison and star in the prison beauty pageant.

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I just watched something horrifying

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I am not sure if they are all scams, but I do think they are deceptive in the way they are structured. They create a false image in the mind of the trader of what their account is all about.

Take, for example, a typical $100,000 account with a max DD of $4000 and a target of $5000. From the trader’s perspective, it is not relevant if the $100,000 is real or demo, the reality is that they are trading a $4,000 account and not a $100,000. Once the $4000 is blown then the account is dead regardless of whatever nominal amount it is set up as.

But applying a nominal amount of $100,000 means the leverage and risk percentages are often deceptively calculated against that figure and not against the “real” acc equity size of $4000. This makes the acc far more risky than the trader may realise. It also bypasses the max leverage percentages allowed by regulatory authorities (and the prop firms are not regulated as such anyway).

It also means that the target of $5000, advertised as (5%), is actually, in real terms, over 100% of the real acc size of $4000 (max DD before acc is closed).

So apart from the scam risk, it is important to understand what one is really being asked to achieve. It is a long way in real terms from how it may first appear.


I don’t actually know what prop firms do behind the scenes to sustain this business model. I believe that the prop firm accounts that are awarded are demo accounts, so how do they pay out on a demo account that never had a real money deposit when someone wins and who eats the cost when the trader loses?

I imagine it might be something like this:

  • Prop firm collects fees for challenges to increase their own trading capital
  • Prop firm awards a prop demo account to successful challengers
  • The prop demo account is a PAMM account where the trader operates on demo but the trades are mirrored by the firm to a real money account.
  • The real money account based on the liquidity that the prop firm could provide would allow tighter spreads for the prop firm.
  • These tighter spreads are probably not passed back to the trader’s prop demo account, so the firm has an instant spread based edge.
  • When a winning trade is mirrored, the firm does a profit share with the trader.
  • I suspect the firm would also mirror the trades to accounts that are not subject to profit share, so they get the trades but keep the profits on the side, or resell the trades as another PAMM service.

So I guess a trader is trading with prop firm money even if they are on demo. I think the scam part comes in when the firm manipulates the spreads or prices on the demo account to force traders into drawdown or loses when the firm may actually win the trade on their side.

Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, just how my brain interprets what this setup might look like as I look at it as an outsider.


I am happy to announce the “HARRY POOTER PROP TRADING COMPANY”

For the small fee of $750.00USD, you can be awarded a $1,000,000.00 LIVE ACCOUNT.

(Rules and conditions apply)



We can show to you thousands of AI generated testimonials of our many satisfied customers!!!

HPPTC, a Belize family owned and operated company where we treat you like family because we love you.

Just please don’t ask a bunch of stupid snoopy questions like you are some kind of regulator because we don’t play all of that around here

some are; some aren’t

some funding companies state openly that they are

some give successful customers a choice of brokerage at which the funded accounts are held and invite communication directly between the customer and brokerage

some give successful customers a choice between live (genuine, real-money, funded) or “live-sim” (demo) accounts

it’s sometimes extremely easy to tell whether or not the account is genuinely funded or demo (for example, by temporarily opening a trade order far from the price to see whether or not it shows up in the exchange’s DOM - that’s objective and reliable and simply factual)

there are crooked/scammy companies (many of them!) and honest/ethical ones (a few)

just as with everything else

in general, of course, the funding companies offering futures accounts are far more honest than the spot forex ones (“surprise surprise” :laughing: ) as they have to be, since that’s a completely transparent market in which everything’s independently verifiable, the “brokers” actually are brokers and can’t hold the other sides of customers’ trades, and so on

the important, helpful things, when discussing the whole murky subject, are to distinguish between fact and opinion, between reality and prejudice, between objectivity and ignorance

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There are legit prop firms, is one of them…

I do not think you will or can pay a fee to get into

You gotta have a high level math degree to get into that fun house, omg

ALL of the companies that charge a fee to pass an impossible challenge phase ARE SCAMS.

I see shills promoting these scams, but I don’t see long term traders in here that have been live trading thru FTMO?


So stop it already . The jig is up. Many will go to prison.

Bye bye now, see you in sixty years.

If “pay to play a demo/pass a challenge” is not a scam, why aren’t there a dozen or more FTMO long term live traders in this forum?

tbh, I don’t think this type of forum is the natural hangout for a long term successful trader with a prop firm, and not therefore a good yardstick of their existence.

Yes, they do exist. But I don’t personally know more than a few such traders. They are generally more concerned with active involvement on their company’s private discords working with other prop members: Why would they want to come here and read this kind of thread, knowing that they will only get scorned and verbally abused and accused of being scam and frauds? It is of no interest to them whatsoever what we here might think and there is therefore no purpose in doing so.

However, I have seen personnel from at least one prop firm giving details of their membership success rate and it is not very high at all - and that is only talking about the first level passes. I doubt many get very far into the higher levels at all. I am not aware of any personally - but that proves nothing more than that I don’t know many people per se! :slight_smile:

One thing about scammers/shills is they know how to talk you to sleep .

I guess that would depend on the circumstances. But I would have thought they would be more interested in setting people’s enthusiasm on fire rather than asleep. Enough so that they wouldn’t even think too hard what they are getting into until the money is already parted with! I guess anything goes as long as the victims keep coming…

so the cftc says that MYFOREXFUNDS scammed people out of THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS? and you cant understand that they would have a small team of clown shillls in this forum that promote them? similar to how you are now doing?



i deleted that video, because babypips does try to remain family friendly… and so i let you watch it and then i deleted it…

if you dont believe that that is what happens in prison, oh my gawd is you ever wrong… prison is like a full blown adult entertainment facility 24x7.

With very few exceptions, when a person goes to prison… you will do one of the following:

  1. you will host the beauty pageant.

  2. you will star in the beauty pageant.

  3. you will be a judge in the pageant.

some of those guys from MYFOREXFUNDS just might go to prison.

and if the CFTC brings charges on them and they are convicted, and they choose to hideout in a country where there is no extradition… now they have to live as fugutives and they cant ever fly into a country that is US FRIENDLY AND WILL ARREST THEM.

MYFOREXFUNDS might have just dug their own graves.

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How on earth do you get to that conclusion??? If you read my posts you will see that I am negatively warning AGAINST them!

I am aware of how most people end up losing their money with these company’s and I was explaining how it usually happens through excessive risk taking. The failure rate is about the same as amongst retail traders in general.

They nearly all lose money - its just there are different ways they can do it! It is all very sad :pensive:

But there are some that successfully make it, at least for a while, and that is just another way that these companies make money. If a trader does succeed, then they gain…if they don’t then they gain…winner takes all!