The Quarters Theory

Has anyone being using The Quarters Theory recently successfully? The website allthingsforex founded by Ilian Yotov didn’t have updates since 2019.

I looked at it some time ago and found it somewhat interesting but could not figure out how to use it in my trading. If you figure that out do post your thoughts.

@viktor252… You just got to look… Google, Youtube… it’s all out there…

For reviews of the strategy… plenty of comments on each video…

This looks like a clever bit of wishful thinking. People in trading know that would-be and new private retail traders hate losing trades, so they’re always coming up with new breakthrough and “secret” ways to tell the future; because if you know the future you won’t have any losing trades of course.

I can accept that rising prices will rise to new levels and then rise from those to new levels. But that’s just because they’re in an uptrend. so why not just look for an uptrend and follow it?

@viktor252… You just got to look… Google, Youtube… it’s all out there…

As usual on Babypips, question asked with no feedback or followup from OP…
Really makes me wonder who is generating threads and posts these days??

I have seen a lot of youtubes, there is several career educators presenting. I also read the book by Ilia Yotov and listened to all his presentation. I also wrote software to backtested and could not find statistical difference. Thats why it would be interesting for me to hear from traders that are using the system. What surprised that the site he founded is not maintained anymore.

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Just took a short, based on the Quarters Theory, on USD/CAD with the expectation that price will touch 1.4000. Limit entry at 1.3996 just got filled. We’ll see how it plays out.

Price printed exactly 1.4000 :slight_smile:

EDIT: It went has high as 1.4005. Now (11:10pm ET) seems to be hovering between 1.4001 and 1.4005. Going to bed. Will report on the trade in the morning. If the trade works out then it will give me 70+ pips. Will be nice to wake up to that in the morning.

@QuadPip, @viktor252, I have not seen this strategy before and a quick backtest of this theory, does prove this system has merit… Similar to some Round Number levels strategies that have been discussed and demonstrated on Youtube and other FX Forums…

Has a lot in common with various Grid strategies.

@QuadPip, be interested in how your trade pans out, a hot beverage and 70 pips is a hearty breakfast…

Trends, the system is certainly interesting but, as I mentioned, I have not figured out how to use it effectively as yet.

My trade went into a massive drawdown. As I write this price is at 1.4041. I have my stop at 1.4084. The trade was taken using 1 unit so this is not a big deal. But had I placed my stop 20 to 25 pips as is suggested by the theory then this particular trade would have been stopped out. This is not to judge the theory as yet based on a single trade and from a novice quarters theory trader.

I did however have another limit short order at 1.4040 that got triggered sometime through the night. I expect a max upside of 1.4057 after which I expect it to fall. This trade was taken using price action analysis. Stop for this is also at 1.4084. Hoping that both trades go into the positive by end of day.

It looks to me it may be a good odds enhancer. For example if there is several Support/Resistance levels, the one with the Major Quater is stronger. For example - Short USD/CAD at 1.4250.

Closed both trades at 1.4058. Lost 18 pips on my main trade. Oh well! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Placed another limit sell order at 1.4113 at half risk.

EDIT 2: Missed the entry by 6 pips! :rage: