The real purpose here is to be able to make profit. That is what I am here to learn how?

Hi everyone, my name is Sam and I am new to Forex. I hope to learn how to trade and make profit.

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Hi Sam1759, welcome to the forum. Please start by using the Education icon top page center and going to this site. Learn How to Trade the Markets
I read the entire site seven years ago, the last time I was an active Forex trader. I have returned with a new strategy and plan. And I am re-reading it along with other sources. Also, seek out any local groups with a similar interest and attend meetings. I did my first last week in Manchester, and was surprised there were 48 attendees!

Aside from checking out the link above, you can also search other discussions which you can learn a lot from here. There’s a search button at the top right of the screen here. :slight_smile:

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as a newcomer , its more appropriate to finish pre school level including demo account. just traders should finish this course with regular practice.

i think you should first focus on learning. profits are a long way to go. the more you learn the more you practice and the more you are able to handle your emotions, the more successful you’ll be. just keep this little advice in mind.

Hello and welcome to babypips, Sam! You’ll learn a lot from this site. Start with the School and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask here. Happy learning and good luck!

everyone suggest learning for any beginners but in order to me, learning just 40-45%. other part of regular practice on demo or micro.

Welcome to bp @Sam1759. How has your studying been so far? :blush:

My studying is very insightful. I have learned so much here. However, until one’s profit out weigh his loses, to me, he is still not there.

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