The Red Sniper

The Red Sniper
The Red Sniper

Time Frame 4H and Daily
LSMA in color (34)

Simple and Effective

Long Entry
Direction Buy arrow confirmed by green HMA and LSMA

Short Entry
Direction Sell arrow confirmed by red HMA and LSMA

If LSMA is yellow wait forclosetotwobars,if it isagree withHMA go enter, it does not agree is flat.

Exit position
When arrow direction reverse signal.
Placethe stop lossthe previous*swing.
Target Profit is recommended with Projection Fibonacci Level optional)


i’ve got the template on my chart now, and i see various buy and sell signal with various level of TP and RR, so i’m guessin its automated… Pls how reliable is it??

im doing great with this system…

i made 3 entries and all of them was successful. all you have to do is to put stop loss on 40 and take profit on 40. not more or less than this.


Maybe I’m doing this incorrectly but when I have tried to load this on two demo accounts they have crashed. I am, therefore, hesitant to load it on my “live” account

being that 4H and daily are used… how often do you get the entry signal? couple of fimes a week?:51::18::54::7:

same thing happened to me, pupsdad.

In spite of my initial concerns, I experienced the following on my live accounts when I tried to load the “LMSA”. The platform crashed and all the custom indicators, which I had installed over the last five years, were lost. I had to re-install the platform.