The road to being a successful trader

Hello Everyone, I’m from South africa I’ve been learning forex on and off trying to better my life gain financial freedom and a skill to put me ahead of the game but could not be consistent and never had the guts to put my money up and trade for real. I finally had a sort of realisation now I’m really looking forward to it more than ever before, and I believe I have found a place where I can be a successful trader in this community.

It is unlikely that with a mindset focusing on money, you would become successful. I suggest you need to find your strategic edge where you could focus solely on process, and let any rewards take care of themselves.

My strategy is tried and tested profitable, because my trades are robots having met all my criteria, and using the 4hr for entry and exit. Currently, I am mostly using a standard S/L of c.300 points and a RRR between 1 & 1.5. Then I close the chart and just let the trades run overnight… An open trade risk exposure of 5% maximum. While that takes care of all emotional challenges, I need an iron will to leave well alone and accept that I have little scope to maximise profits. As my win rate is 64% it’s a steady progress.


Welcome to the community. I hope you knock it out of the park!

Considering this line, I hope you have another more stable source of income so you don’t feel so much stress/pressure as you learn how to trade. :slight_smile: