The Sex of Trading

You finish the breakfast, nature says men do things better (sarcasm) :innocent:

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Oh, my wife is more than capable. Luckily we help each other though as often as we can. :slight_smile:

I am sure she’d be a much better trader than I am if it had interested her but instead she bests me with art and music skills I couldn’t even dream of having.


Sounds like a good balance you have there :grinning:



Doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this :slight_smile:



I already walked you through all the facts AGAIN and it was extremely easy to do so.

Think more along the lines of lack of patience and much better use of my time than replying to such kind of posts.


Here’s some advice from one of the ALl time greats !

Linda Bradford Raschke

Se what she has to say in response to the many biased and leading questions she was asked with respect to “Female Traders” and “Gender bias”

As a newbie, this is an interview you should treat as a Golden Resource :smile:

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I don’t know about a “Golden Resource” but it is actually a great interview. Even if she doesn’t see any “Gender bias”, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

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A simple “Thank you” would suffice :wink:

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Are you leaving the dark side and finally embracing the light side with the rest of us and your seemingly peace offering post about Linda Raschke?

In that case, Thank you!

@UpFromZero The interesting thing about that interview was that I asked, as I had done with my other interviewees, if she was happy with the questions before going ahead with the interview; when reading some of her answers you would be forgiven for imagining that I had just caught her in the middle of a meeting and she got annoyed at being asked certain questions, it was the tone of answers that seemed out of kilter with the nature of the interview.

I definitely have an opinion and it shows in my questions; however I have to ask the questions in a way that satisfies my curiosity regarding what women in trading/investing/wealth management think about their place in the (overall) male-dominated industry. I could be more neutral in my questioning, sure, but then other interviewees did not react like that which shows that it does take two to tango politely, so to speak!

Anyway, apart from that, it WAS a great interview, no doubt, and I have lost none of the respect that I have for her and her achievements.


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I thinks they are all valid questions and you had to ask what was more pressing to you at the time: Pressing matters usually always show in the first seconds of any conversation it is just the way of human nature…

She doesn’t come across as someone easy to influence and she certainly spoke her mind in her answers.

The two of you made a great interview and I have to thank @Falstaff for finally reading it, :slight_smile: Isn’t the world an interesting place?

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@UpFromZero Oh I see… well, there have been three featured interviews so far, so if you missed the other two then here they are (1 and 3 - you already read 2 now):

  1. Q&A with Bryanna McDermott, Founder of Fearless Female Traders
  2. Q&A with Linda Bradford Raschke, Independent Futures/Commodities Trader
  3. Q&A with Fibonacci Queen, Carolyn Boroden, Technical Analyst
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Thanks @PipMeHappy, I will certainly read them.

Interview N2 gave me a lot of very insightful information actually regarding trading, mentors and developing your own system. I finally understood why it is so important to keep a trading journal.

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Hey @PipMeHappy,

I just read interview N1 :Q&A with Bryanna McDermott, Founder of Fearless Female Traders.

I am saving interview N3 for tomorrow’s breakfast.

It is certainly inspiring to have a glimpse into the life of a trader that “made it”. I find it very interesting how she moved from a bad debt situation into a solid investment position.

She also offers a couple of great clues. Two of them resonated particularly with me: Freaking out over negative returns and investing in small biotech companies.

Also, it is interesting to note that she does see trading as still very male oriented, but considers women as wiser investors. A very different opinion from interview N2 : Q&A with Linda Bradford Raschke, Independent Futures/Commodities Trader.

Great interviews PipMeHappy. You have the soul of a finance journalist. Have you done more interviews recently?

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Ha!ha! Funny!

I am sure the confusion arises from his name, Cory…

You should interview him, that would be interesting. :slight_smile:

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And finally read, interview N3: Q&A with Fibonacci Queen, Carolyn Boroden, Technical Analyst

It is curious that she puts so much emphasis on Fibonacci. I am sure there is a lot more to it than I initially thought.

I also would like to know why she has nothing to say about question #5:

Another great interview, thank you @PipMeHappy

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@UpFromZero Thank you. Yes, there are a lot of debates around fake Fibo systems but in her case it is all legit.

She chose not to answer question 5 and that is fine with me, better that than what happened with interview no.2!!

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Interview N2. Falstaff 's favorite. I wonder why ? :slight_smile:

It is political, they don’t want to get dragged into a debate that could bring them enemies and cost them clients. I guess that’s their reasoning behind the denial answers or plain lack of answers.

Anyway, all is not lost if it makes @Falstaff happy :slight_smile:

I find their professional insights always very interesting, though.

Great job with those interviews.

Any chance you might consider making new ones? I found those interviews extremely interesting and inspiring. A great read. Congrats and thank you once again for all your great work @PipMeHappy.


Yes, @UpFromZero it is something that often happens in the industry, meaning that it is more likely to be the people who leave or take their employer to court who will speak out. Part of it is the threat to one’s reputation but also those dreaded non-disclosure agreements…

Worry not, I am about to complete/release another interview… More possible names in my list, but getting someone to agree to an interview is not as easy as that!