The Sex of Trading

You are most welcome, PipMeHarry.

Exactly: Those arguments make A LOT of sense, actually.

Besides, the whole website gives a ton of very useful and knowledgeable advice about trading. I would be very surprised if those results were there for just some sort of click bait. They rather appear as the summary of many years of observations in the work place.

Now when your ladies have a bad trading day and complain with you, the obvious comfort is that it could be much worse: They could be male :slight_smile: Lol!

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And I remember critiquing that particular article on your thread too !

We already know that the differences between carreer choices made by men and women is NOT a social construct. It is Biologically determined and the more “Equal” you try to make “Society” - the more those built in preferences become !

Men like “Things” - women like “People” :wink:

Very interesting article.

“New research by Financial Skills, a trading profiling company founded by a group of ex-traders from Merrill Lynch suggests that women make far better traders than men.”

“We found that men take more risk than women,” says Financial Skills COO David Hesketh. “That would be fine if they also made more money - but they don’t.”

We now have 2 articles claiming that women make better traders, from very reputable sources. Let’s wait for the third one…

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Brokers are required by the Legal Regulators (in Europe anyway) to keep satistics on “Winners and Losers” - They would soon enough be Flagging up any noticeable advantage of one Sex over another :smile:

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That’s great info.

Can we access those numbers? There we have the hard data we are looking for .:slight_smile:

I’m in uk -and many in Ausralia nad every other continent are hugely aware of Professor Doctor Jordan Peterson and his magnificent ability. I commend his videos for your perusal !

Jordan Peterson has written many books and his “12 rules for life” is a seller of over 1 million !

He has over 2 million subscibers on you tube and is the authority on so many issues it is unbelievable

Here is his definitive work on "Men and women as social constructs " :smiley:

This is a major reason WHY the Ultra Left hate him :wink:

Not at all - he simply tells the truth as it is !

However I accept your refusal to accept that !

I have seen his input criticised by someone I agree with _ just once

I thought this would be about having sex while trading. :blush: But anyway, I saw a pretty girl yesterday, and I naturally liked her. I felt as if I had butterflies in my stomach. Now I understand what people mean when they say butterflies in the stomach.

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I never heard of Jordan Peterson in my life, before initiating this thread.

Now, I am hearing too much about him.

Thanks for the info, though. Very complete counter picture that confirms my first impressions from the videos that invaded this thread. This kind of ideology is definitively not for me.

What is it with those guys, that they always love Nietzsche? I actually enjoy Nietzsche a lot and have none of those ideas.

Anyway, I’d rather not see this becoming a thread about Jordan Peterson, since the thread focuses on new traders performances and particularly the apparently much better performance of women traders. I would much rather go back to that.

Moving on, I would REALLY like to find some data about traders performance by sex. Before his avalanche of Peterson’s videos Falstaff mentioned that " Brokers are required by the Legal Regulators (in Europe anyway) to keep statistics on “Winners and Losers” " There we have an interesting tip. Any idea how to access this data, maybe?

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Hey! That sounds like a MUCH BETTER THREAD IDEA!

Butterflies in the stomach are the best. If they ever go away, make sure to find a way to bring them back…


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@UpFromZero Hello, yes, let us go back to the thread topic.

I vaguely remember asking FXCM about client profitability statistics by gender but I seem to recall that they do not have those metrics available. Maybe you could approach another broker and ask about any such metrics?

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Hey PipMeHappy, I am new to trading so I don’t really know the ropes yet but I seem to recall from the Babypips school of Pipsology course that there are some entities that supervise broker activities in the EU, USA, etc…They should either have that data, or at least manage to get it through the brokers.

I will do some research at some point ( a bit lazy about it) and try to email them to see what their response is…

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Great! If you get anywhere with it, make sure to share the findings with us!

I certainly will.

I am REALLY curious now about those stats :slight_smile:

By the way, thanks for your contribution to the thread. Really valuable.

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i dont think they have those data processed available.

likely that they do have datas available on the profitability on traders but i dont think that they have those data sorted in a way that you can seperate into male and femal traders.

thats probably work that still must be done.

the issue thou is data protection, a broker isnt allowed to give you the name specific data of their client, so a diversification into male and female will not be possible by a person who is outside of this source.

anyways: in my opinion it is very logical that female could be better at trading.
now im for sure nobody to reduce genders by their roles when we were cavemen, but the natural attributes support a tendency in woman of “collecting” and “avoding risks” while male are the “hunter” type of personality (usualy) which in trading does not help much and puts them in “unnecessary risks”.

i also agree strongly, through the experience i me employing several females in my company, that woman have less “ego-issues” and accept a higher knowledge before men do so, who like to question authority constantly (rebelling) -even if it is a hurdle for their self development, and therefore faster accept the common knowledge which leads to a sooner and better performance of “knowledge applied” than men usually have.


Good call, I suspect the same.

Very good tip. We actually don t need any personal info such as names, addresses, etc, only male/female. I don’t think that would go against data/privacy protection but I am no expert. There could be an issue there.

Exactly, the arguments presented by the author such as higher risk aversion, lower egos, higher motivation make a lot of sense to me, and should actually bring better results. That is why I posted the article: It is based on years of observation and it all makes sense. Are his stats correct? I would like to see a much larger sample, over several years to be sure about that.

Do you have a trading company?


I don’t know if its a coincidence or karma, but I just found out a blog post about women in trading and now to read that we have some random guy statistics backing it out is all the incentive I needed to focus on my studies!