The Terror Bill has been passed in the Philippines

The “anti-terror” law has been passed in my country. :frowning: And I feel like I’ve lost all hope that this government will have the decency to do their job and put their people first. :frowning: :frowning: People are dying because we’re in the midst of a pandemic. People have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families. But it’s the law that effectively silences critics that these government officials choose to discuss first. :confused: Just goes to show what their priorities are. :confused:

I’ve argued about this with some of my acquaintances saying that the terrorism law is much harsher in other countries, like in Australia. :open_mouth: But, the difference is, time and time again, this government has proven that it has no regard for its people as long as they stay in power. :frowning: That they will do everything they can to get their way. :frowning: And this just gives them even more power. :frowning:

Is it really? But Australia doesn’t have ties with China no? So sorry to hear about what’s happening over there. Are the people rioting/protesting? :open_mouth:

And just as this new terror law is about to be implemented, the Congress decided to shutdown the country’s leading broadcasting company. :frowning: Now, it will be harder for people to stay informed and updated with everything this government’s doing. :frowning:

I don’t think they do. :open_mouth: Or if ever, they’re not as “strong” as the one China has with the Philippines. :open_mouth:

People are conducting noise barrages. :frowning: Because of the pandemic, people can’t really organize large crowds to protest. :frowning:

Americans definitely didn’t use the pandemic as an excuse. I think if the people really wanted to they would! :fearful:

If this happens, the bill will not only suppress the fundamental rights and freedoms of Filipinos.

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Unfortunately, it has already been passed. </3 At this point, I’m unsure about what could be done against it.