The time of origin of the Forex market in brokers can be different

The starting time during normal Forex business hours depends on the brokers. Brokers usually base their Forex trading hours on Eastern European Time zone or Greenwich Mean Time .

Knowing the origin of the Forex watch at your broker plays an important role in trading the market. For example, with the opening of the big stock exchange during the hours of the Forex market, the volume of trades will increase and the rates will be more realistic.

The Forex market has a starting and ending point, starting with the opening of the Australian market, then Japan and the United Kingdom, and ending with the closing of the New York US market.

Forex working hours in the first 6 months of the year with the second 6 months of the year have a difference of 1 hour and are changed and are usually emailed to you by the broker.

I think mostly brokers change their settings according to US, so that 4 hour charts match. My broker sent this message recently:

On Sunday the 13th of March , Trading servers will move forward by one hour from GMT+2 to GMT+3 as parts of the US will enter daylight savings.

So, in my region, we still haven’t applied DST, and now I start trading one hour before usual. In 2 weeks, when DST is applied in my region, I will return to my usual trading time.