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I am not the only one complaining about the brokerage.You act like you know nothing. Kindly have a look at @wicksdontwork and @theforexscamily instagram where your brokerage has been exposed for being white label and b booked. There is even a video on Youtube. Also you stole logo of your broker from Tiger Beer. Then there are many traders who have complained about your broker because of not being able to close trades. You want them to approach you? well they have seen you sending death threats to people who criticized your broker.

About copy trading, you know damn right how much people are desperate to make money. Then you tease them to copy account blowers using your image on social media. Then everyone loses money. In the end it all goes in your pockets since you b book everyone. A great example is @Xauking on Instagram. You promoted him multiple times and he blew all money every single time. That’s how you make good money through B booking.

I do get your point though. A scammer will never say oh yes I am a scammer and don’t trust me. Because that would be bad for business. You keep running your scam business and Karma will get you one day Uncle Ted. You don’t realize how many lives you have ruined in the past 3 years through mentorship scams and now white label b booked broker. Just wait for Karma :wink:

This will be the final answer to this thread from our support team.

  1. We have been in operation for over a year now. Any issues with our clients have been resolved in a swift an immediate manner.

  2. We do not engage with social media accounts. We are here to service clients and ensure the trading that is done is fair and deposits and withdrawals are completed in a timely manner.

  3. Traders Domain is not responsible for people depositing or trading on various accounts. Leaderboard accounts are to be reviewed by those who are looking to follow and must be scrutinized and proper risk management should be used which is stated on any discussions related to following a particular trader.

  4. Whatever vendetta or malicious things you have to say about the owner do so with him. He is one aspect of the corporation and his views or discussions are separate from The Traders Domain.

Finally, if you do not like the brokerage or the owner you do not have to engage in the business or even discuss the business. There are 100s of brokerages available for retail traders and we encourage any trader to find the one that fits them.

Moderators please lock this thread. This person does not have anything constructive to say and is using hearsay social media people to promote his/her agenda which has no facts associated with it as this person has not verified that they even trade on the brokerage.

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What a joke are you Ted… Don’t act like it’s someone else. I know it’s you writing these comments.

Still using excuses all the time and not answering why you promote account blowers on social media for copy trading on Traders Domain. What do you have to say about @Xauking Instagram trader who blew many accounts on your broker and you kept promoting his new accounts for copy trading? Your brokerage has been exposed on Youtube as a white label broker. They showed hard evidence. That’s a fact so i don’t understand how you can say that i’m not talking facts. The funniest thing is the logo of Traders Domain is stolen from Tiger Beer. Just google it right Uncle Ted :wink: . Another fact!There is so much mess related to your broker as mentioned earlier.

And once again stop with the fast withdrawals and deposits. It’s not only about these 2 things. Your broker is unregulated, offshore, white label and b booked.

Asking moderators now to close this thread? You can’t play dictator everywhere Uncle Ted. You don’t own everything. People need to be saved from your evil activities. I’m not promoting anyone. I want to save people. You have ruined a lot of lives by stealing peoples hard earned money like is said. Enough is enough.


  • You said the traders domain is working on getting regulated and this will take about a year to complete, it’s been almost 1,5 year since release of the broker and still no word on regulations, although in some cases there have been lies spread saying that the broker IS regulated (while it isn’t) why not just tell the truth?

  • The broker is a whitelabel under B2broker, this has been confirmed by b2broker, yet there are lies spread that the broker is not a whitelabel, why not just tell the truth?

  • The Traders Domain says every trade is a-booked while it is confirmed by b2broker that is not true and everybody with leverage over 1:100 is on B-book. why not just tell te truth?

If there is ony party spreading lies and misinformation, it’s this broker, their management team and CEO. lies lies lies.

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i’am using this brokerage with mi friends since December 2018, and we never had troubles with it.

The whitdrawls and deposits have been very fast. In the past, we used many brokers, and in TD we discovered that the spread was very tight, the commissions are very normal. If you want more information write me here and I give you my phone number or IG account. We are from Medellin, Colombia, and everything with this brokerage has been cool.

The main page looks so crap why would I give them a $.

Also in the St.Vincent & Grenadines - might as well light your money on fire at least you’ll have a better purpose getting warm around the fire.

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That’s really cute. Fast withdrawals and deposits lol. As if that’s the only thing a trader needs. Sounds like Uncle Ted himself. However if you withdraw money from the white label, low budget, b book scam broker The Traders Domain, the money is transferred to your account from a middle east located cleaning company I believe, That can only mean that the brokerage is laundering money. That’s warning sign number 1

For warning sign number 2 you should take a look at the Youtube video with the title: THE TRADERS DOMAIN EXPOSED! WHITE LABEL BROKERAGE.

The Traders Domain has been fully exposed in this video as a white label broker under the umbrella of B2Broker. If you visit the website of B2Broker, you can clearly see that they offer white label partnership and as a white label brokerage, you can manually edit, delete or add trading history. Imagine your winning trades getting deleted by the broker. That’s why regulators exist to protect traders from brokers harming the traders. The Traders Domain isn’t regulated. That’s something serious to worry about especially when you know that the owner of The Traders Domain broker is Uncle Ted who is a fugazi. In the past he has ripped off people using copy trading on leaderboard of hsi broker.

Matter of fact, his broker was analyzed a few months after the launch in 2018. His broker got kicked from Tier 1 liquidity providers after they saw him manipulating the trade history. When it comes to risking money in trading, you better choose a regulated broker to get a proper protection for your trading results and transactions. But if you like to light your money on fire, then that’s up to you.

Not sure how you could call wicksdontlie/ Rakeel Zahoor a scammer - he is on youtube every day calling out his trades live, for free. He explains his methodology for free, explains his logic for past trades for free, and gives advice on people’s charts for free.

Is there anyone else in the entire forex world that posts their live trades daily for free?

Please explain the scam to me because I don’t see it.

Yes, he is on Youtube and at the same time the whole stream is full of affiliate links from where he gets paid. Wicksdontlie / Rakeel Zahoor calls trades on tradingview. But you don’t see a trading platform with its terminal open where you can actually see where he entered the trade exactly and where he existed. No one can see his account balance increasing or decreasing. When he used to trade on the leaderboard of the scam broker The Traders Domain, he did the same trading view trading. He used to call trades on trading view while showing mostly profits on instagram. But when you looked at his leaderboard status, all you saw was losses that were decreasing his account balance. So that’s the conflict of hiding behind trading view. And the profits videos he shows can be manipulated easily with softwares if you didn’t know that.

You can be as ignorant as you want but the fact remains that Wicksdontlie or his friend Uncle_Ted_ will never trade on their live streams with their terminal open because they need to hide their losses. They don’t make any money trading forex. They make money by selling retarded education and products. Otherwise go ask Wicksdontlie to start trading live with MT4/5 terminal open then watch his excuses fly.

Let me get this straight:

  1. live, on youtube, he calls out his entry, his stop loss, his take profit BEFORE he takes it
  2. after the session, he shows a trade that matches what he called out live

BUT you think he’s scamming and didn’t take the trade? What is he doing? Calling live, profitable trades but not actually trading them? He doesn’t want to make money???

Have a think about your attitudes please. Could it be that HE can make money trading, YOU can’t make money trading, therefore YOU think that HE can’t make money?

You’re seeing proof, in advance, that his trading method works, but you refuse to believe it? Take a close look at your life. Have a think why you need to pull successful people down. You know what, I hope that you CONTINUE thinking he’s a scammer, as you don’t deserve to get the free knowledge that he’s giving. You deserve to keep on losing, as all negative, toxic people deserve to lose.

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Live trading means with a MT4/MT5 terminal open and not hidden behind a tradingview chart. Get that straight first wise guy.

Ask Rakeel to start trading live with MT4/5 terminal open. What is he hiding? How do you know by watching on tradingview which riskmanagment he exactly used for a trade when you don’t get to see any lot size or draw down? It’s easy to write on screen ‘Just made 10 pips with 5 lot’ lol.

You’re talking about a person who started selling courses 3 months after he started learning Forex. Isn’t that a warning sign? It’s been 4+ years and Rakeel still hasn’t been able to provide a verified track record on a regulated broker. Rakeel’s only income is selling courses or grabage products that don’t add any value in Forex. That’s why he is 24/7 on social media marketing his products. The leverage in Forex is very high. People who are actually making money in this industry, they aren’t 24/7 on social media marketing brands/products.

The thing is that Rakeel is another loser who couldn’t survive in this industry and he chose a shortcut which is misleading and scamming poor souls. And I don’t need any of that retarded wick fill knowledge either. If that knowledge didn’t make Rakeel or Ted any money in last 4/5 years, why would it make anyone else money? haha hence why Rakeel is afraid to trade live with MT4/5 terminal open. Try fooling someone else. These type of rookie talks only work for noobs who get convinced easily because they have less to zero knowledge.

Sorry to tell you but hes a scam. It’s all part of the act. Be careful. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to call the correct trade when you’re not trading? Think about it, you look at the chart and you say its going up now and it does. You can use his free stuff if you think itll help but dont get sucked into the act.

Yes, I use his free stuff, I don’t send him any money, I have not and will not buy his course.

All I’m saying is his free trades which he calls out for free on his livestream have been profitable, and I think it’s a good place to learn how to trade. For free. Without sending any money. Free.

If you don’t send any money, you cannot be scammed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn for free. And it doesn’t mean someone’s free content is not valuable or a good way to learn forex.

I completely agree with you. But not everyone is as street smart as you. We have to call out everything unfortunately. Because one day someone will read this thread and go over to his site and watch him. Then theyll realise I cant trade this way how is he doing it? Maybe even sign up with the broker he keeps promoting and then theyll fall for it all. I would recommend only watching the free stuff. He used to talk about charging for the stream too.

Yes it’s free yes hes explaining trades but watch it as a whole. Does he still say things like 'if the next candle breaks this then the will probably break higher. Then when it breaks and moves up he’ll say I’m in down here. Lol he used to do that, that’s when I realised somethings not right. Or he suddenly would have a ‘runner’ when he never mentioned it. I stopped watching him after that. I hope hes still not doing that.

The Question is…ARE YOU REGULATED? No need to beat around the bush. The broker is obviously a White Label broker and the CEO is a known scammer.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all spent time building ourselves up and learning new things instead of making these fruitless attempts at defaming a subject we know absolutely nothing about?

The internet also says that Barack Obama controlled the weather and the moon is fake, so I guess the moral of the story is not to take flying lessons from fish. If you want to check the broker out, open a demo or email the support team and feel them out that way.

ALSO I have only ever had good things to say about Traders Domain, their support team, Ted, and the way he conducts himself and his business. The FX game isn’t easy, 90% of people do lose their money, and if we are honest with ourselves 99% of the time it’s because of our own greed, not because of a broker.

Anyway, peace, love, growth, and happiness people. Use your time wisely.

Its 2021 and the brokerage is bigger than ever. We appreciate all the support from our clients and we are happy to say we continue to expand. We ignore the negative comments as they aren’t a representation of our business.

I can’t believe Uncle Ted created a fake account to save his reputation. You can do whatever you want. You are a conman Ted Safranko!

Hey Ted Safranko I know it’s you writing messages for TD support. Didn’t you sell your broker a while ago for a very low price because it had issues and no one wanted to buy it? Unhappy clients were tired of you manipulating their stop losses and stealing their money? My information is that you don’t own the broker anymore. Well you never owned it before since it’s white label broker. It cost you like 15k to set it up. The Traders Domain… a cheap snd shady place to lose your money to a 42 year old scammer named Ted Safranko.