The traders domain

Hi I stumbled upon thetradersdomain and was curious about them, no review on forexpeacearmy. Has anyone had any experience with this broker? Would you you consider it legitimate or a scam?

Do you specifically need an off-shore broker? Why?

Why do you think they needed an off-shore location?


Nah i dont need an off shore account, more so a mentor, and he happened to be affiliated with this. Honestly I’m fine with using as a broker, I’m just searching everywhere for someone who can guide me in the right direction. I’m questioning the legitimacy of the brokerage, him and the others involved. it’s no mlm (which I’d like to avoid at all costs), but sounds just fishy enough to raise some flags to me. Sorry I’m rambling at this point, i just want to revolve around the right people to better myself in forex and in general man.

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The right person to better you is you.
If you’re a complete newbie, it’s better to learn the basics at the free school here rather than waste time and money paying someone else. You wouldn’t pay a maths tutor to teach someone how to count to 10, but you might consider paying someone to help you at a higher level

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"When a “prospect” becomes a “Suspect” - Drop him immediately and completely "

RUN - away form both “broker” and also "Mentor " - Don’t listen to "explanations " !

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I joined the Forex Family last year in August and I personally think their mentorship program is worth far more than I paid. As for The Traders Domain, it’s a very new brokerage and it did have liquidity issues in the beginning but as far as I can tell everything has been resolved. The leaderboard and trade copying is pretty cool. I literally have the owner on WhatsApp so I can message him anytime I want which is also cool!


Thanks for your interest in the Traders Domain. We are the support team at the brokerage and if you have any questions please let us know. We are fairly new and getting into the brokerage game was quite tough. Our CEO is a Forex trader and has also mentored many other traders so he understood what the industry needed in regards to a good brokerage.

Licensing and regulation takes almost a year to complete and you require your track record and full audit. There are a lot of people who have opinions but do not have facts on how a brokerage runs or how licensing works.

We have worked with over 7000 clients in the last 6 months and have served each one of them with the best results we could offer.

If you have questions you can check out the site or respond here and we will get back to you.

Thanks again

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I recently joined the TradersDomain and I am currently trading with it

stay away from traders domain at all costs. Offshore broker = your money gone. Go for a much safer regulated broker that has good reviews

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Like above; stay away at all cost.

  • Offshore
  • No regulations

The broker claims to be a new broker, with all a-book, but all these claims by the CEO, Ted Safranko have been debunked, they are a whitelabel broker under contract of b2broker dot net, you can see other brokers like AKDForex that use the exact same website, social trading platform and what not. we asked an employee if The Traders Domain was a whitelabel broker under their contract and they confirmed it.

On top of that, b2broker doesn’t provide a-book on leverage over 1:100, so everybody that chooses the max leverage of 1:500 get’s b-booked by this broker.

There have been a lot of people who blew accounts on the social trading leaderboard, and they have been promoted by the broker, even AFTER blowing a dozen of accounts, including it’s followers, prior.

Without regulations, this broker will keep on pulling scams like this, and since they are offshore, it seems like this was all planned this way

I was on this brokerage platform and I decided to leave as soon as I found out the owner of this broker was a well known scammer, he has worked alongside the likes of Nenad Korof whom is now in Prison (The video is viewable on YouTube all you have to do is search for “Nenad Korof Ted”) He also hosts a mentorship platform himself where many of his students are regretting the decision to pay him, and the other mentors on his platform for education when these guys really don’t know what they are doing.

Many of the mentors have been exposed for selling binary signals and running other scams also, one of the guys called “Alex” or “forex6god” was running a gold scam called “DSI Mining and Minerals”

Many have approached this issue on social media making profiles exposing this information.

The owner himself (Ted) due to his status on social media (without any reliable track record) decided to exploit this and create a copy account in which everybody could invest in him, this eventually led to a huge breakdown of many people losing all their money and investments (and him making a lot of money).

Have you ever been to a brokerage where the owner of the brokerage is asking you to copy his trades and then continues to lose everybody’s money? If not The Traders Domain is the place for this.

Also consider that the actual logo of The Traders Domain is actually stolen from a beverage company called “Tiger Beer” the scamming really doesn’t stop…

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I think you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for running this scam broker named The Traders Domain which is offshore, B Booked and unregulated. The CEO you’re talking about Ted Safranko, why don’t you tell everyone how he was promoting copy trading before the launch of his broker. Once around 7 million USD was copying his trades, he blew all the money. Then he blamed everything on emotions and got away with it. All the money went into his pockets because The Traders Domain is B Booked. They are partners with B2Broker who offers white label solutions. B2Broker have confirmed that they don’t allow A Booking above 1:100 leverage. Yet Ted Safranko claims that his broker is A booked even when he like always trades 1:500 leverage. What a joke… This guy Ted Safranko is a straight liar. Everyone should avoid him.

Not only is Ted Safranko aka Uncle Ted an account blower, so are his students. Ted safranko is well known for creating and promoting fake traders on social media. Save your money and time from this evil person who would even sell his family for money.


Once around 7 million USD was copying his trades, he blew all the money. Then he blamed everything on emotions and got away with it.


Please do not reference fictious numbers you have made up inside your head. This is a pure smear campaign because 1 you won’t use your real name or actually have and validity in terms of account information.

We are not obligated to provide you an proprietary information and if you want to talk about leverage why not ask larger firms how they also generate 500-1 leverage.

I would suggest you stop posting such spam.

Its actually encouraging that you come here again to defend your company’s reputation. I have never heard of Ted Safranko and I’m not prepared to believe anything negative said about him without some evidence.

However, as you’re the company, not just a private individual, and you are actually trying to sell something and not merely chatting online, then just posting defensive posts, even if well reasoned, isn’t going to be enough…

Feel free to reach out to us directly and we will provide any information you would like as well as try the platform. Currently we have over 15,000 traders on the site.

  1. We have been in business now over a year without any issues with withdrawals and deposits.
  2. We are domiciled in St. Vincent currently due to ongoing discussion with regulators
  3. We use several liquidity providers as well as a bridge for price aggregation on the back to to ensure proper pricing.

We encourage people to either test the brokerage or use a broker that they are comfortable with. We do not advertise to the public and most of our promotion has been word of mouth.

Having people show up to this site with 1 post and having registered last night or last month should be moderated a little better.

We could easily have 10,000 posts here if we request our clients to post their experience but that is blatant marketing and advertising and it is not a fair representation, just as having 2 random people with no verified account information on our brokerage make wild claims.


First of all, Uncle Ted I know it is you writing here everything the so called Traders Domain Support team.

How about you start admitting that you blew all the money that was copying your trades on Traders domain and then you made a story on iG about it that you couldn’t handle the pressure? It is not a campaign. I am telling people the truth since a lot of people lost money copying your trades on your broker. There have been a lot of complains about your brokerage. Traders aren’t able to close their trades. Their trades get manipulated to hit the stop losses. The spreads are too high. Too high transaction costs. You can say whatever you want about how fast the deposits or withdrawals are. But there is a lot more wrong with your broker. And is Traders Domain a safe broker to trade? Hell no! no regulation, offshore, white label damn so much wrong with your broker. And not to forget how you promote account blowers on your Traders Domain iG. Want me to provide evidence? :wink:

Oh I have asked B2Broker about your brokerage and they confirmed that your broker is white label and b booked. And I would suggest you to stop scamming people who did nothing wrong to you. Money is an addiction but this is not the right way Uncle Ted. Karma will get you one day.

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I would suggest to take a look at the instagrams of @wicksdontwork and @theforexscamily
They have exposed Uncle Ted aka Ted Safranko for running a scam through mentorship and now a white label brokerage. You want evidence, they will show you the evidence. Good luck.


You have been in a business now for over 1 year but still not regulated as you promised your broker would be regulated after 5 months. Guess what? After 5 years still no FCA regulation because the authorities wouldn’t appreciate how you manipulate trades on your brokerage.

Don’t forget to tell everyone that your broker is a white label broker. If you search on youtube for “THE TRADERS DOMAIN EXPOSED! WHITE LABEL BROKERAGE.” You will get your answer. And if you don’t believe it, just call B2Broker and ask them if the traders domain isn’t a white label broker.

Stop lying and crying Ted. You have been exposed literally…

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One more thing, you want me to provide a real name? Why should I? Aren’t you the one who sends death threats to people who question your broker in a critical way? So yeah, i would not like to catch a bullet. Just look at your recent story on iG @Uncle_ted_ you are showing a hand holding a bullet. You wouldn’t be this agressive if you were for real. Imagine IC Markets (a genuine regulated broker) doing this stuff full of stupidity.

We will provide this feedback to the Traders Domain management team. Unfortunately you do not trade on the brokerage and you do not have first hand experience so unless you are willing to provide that information what you are giving is hearsay. We also do not follow comments from social media, we respond to any technical requests to the brokerage. That is all we are required to do.

Please do not keep making multiple accounts to add to this thread if you are not going to identify yourself as a trader on the brokerage.

In response to your trade copying comment, traders are able to set full risk settings to protect their account. If a trader does not set risk profiles for their account while following another account that is not the fault of the master account being traded on.

Once again if you have any specific comments related to your trading account you can reach out to us on the site and we would be happy to answer any questions if you actually do trade on the brokerage.

Have a good day.

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