The US is not in a recession - it's in a "vibecession"

He calls this response a “vibecession”, where perceptions drive action – even if the data doesn’t tell a story to back up the widespread scepticism.

PS: If you’re in the US and have a job (or I guess anywhere in the world), be thankful! So many layoffs happening right now it’s insane. I have friends from Australia and Canada also getting laid off.

When does Ten Hag got anything to do with financial market? :joy:
My bad but who is that guy? 🥲

Lol Spotify CEO. I think they used his pic because they recently did layoffs. :sweat_smile:

I just lost my job, but I had 3 contract extensions so cannot complain. It’s only because I closed the projects I had been assigned that I am finishing work. I’ll have to do some job searching in the new year. But then again, I may just try to trade some properties, gold, forex or cryptos. Who knows what a new year will bring?

The expectation of recession is always worse than recession itself.
I think while everybody is waiting for the recession to come, it may be over already.

Ah, sorry to hear. But perhaps a good time to rest and recover! May crypto bring us gains this 2024!!! And also so glad your investment portfolio is so well rounded.

I hope you’re right!