The Usual Suspects

Well that was a quiet week, for me anyway, this was the week it became “by the yard it’s hard, by the inch it’s a cinch”, going back to imperial standards and not metric for our European cousins.
This was week was mentally tough not taking lots of trades as I normally do, and applying risk aversion to a lot of trades as they either didn’t feel right or were against trend.
Found myself looking more at indices for the better volatility.
The usual suspects kept poking up USD, GBP, EUR, to be honest between the fundamentals, sentiment and also technical none of them seemed to playing to crowd and only at the end of the week did the USD seem to go with fundamentals.
In that respect took a short EUR/USD and a long USD/CHF Friday, with the EUR/USD should have taken a quick profit, may cost me holding position, USD/CHF no great shakes at moment but prepared to hold out and see where it goes.
Week ended 47.9 pips up
Best Trade. DAX
Worst Trade. EUR/CAD
Trade well my friends,