The Venus Project - Heaven or Hell?

An interesting proposition has been put on another thread and I think with due deference to the OP that to discuss it properly we need a new thread.

This is a proposition that we all have to abandon money, everything will be free to all users. There will be no enforced work, nobody will want to dissent, there will be ample resources to provide evrything free to everyone and nobody will want for anything. Nor will there be any ownership of anything.

There seems to be an implication although I cannot find it stated that Population will be determined by the resources available worldwide. It will be a SOciety of Global peace, cooperation and harmony where the Government such as it is will be performed mainly by some “SUper-Computers” who will “Just know” what resources are required and there will be no shortages of anything.

To me it has an affinity with Political systems which are totally discredited, but it’s protagonists disagree

What do you think ?

Would be great to see what people think, but not only after watching the linked video, but after a better informed view.
I can tell, even without knowing all the details about what the Venus Project proposes, that I don’t agree 100% with them. It’s hard to agree 100% with any proposal, no matter how simple it is, so, it’s only common to disagree with at least something, on a very complex proposal like this one. But I can also say things are Really wrong right now in most places, even in the ones where people live better.
The other thing to consider is: are we going to have a choice to what is going to happen after Quantum computers, AI and Machine Learning exponential developments? Have we ever before stopped/slowed development by force in human history? What were the consequences when we did it?
Edit: All Political Systems are discredited. I personally don’t like any of them.