The weekends get so boring lol

I have been studying with the charts open and constantly going back and forth to apply what I read so that it gets rooted in my memory. That’s how I finished most of the babypips. I’m a beginner. And I skipped some chapters like fibonacci because at the time I thought it was a bit too advanced for me. I love looking at charts, even not doing anything, I like looking at the market move and understand it. At first I used to find it very stressful, all the numbers and the anxiety of whether it will go up/down really unsettled me. But I used the over-exposure strategy to get comfortable with it open on my laptop most of the time. It honestly made doing other things far more interesting, because there was this thing that most people don’t know you’re doing, going on in the background. Idk, I think its great, and I think the weekend is just gonna be lame. I try to redo the babypips course, so that my base is strong and my game is tight. But without the real thing going on, it feels kinda empty.


Maybe use weekends to focus on other things that you still haven’t learned? I usually take a break to get some fresh air on weekends, but I understand wanting to spend as much time as possible learning and developing your abilities.

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Fibonacci in trading terms is Hocus-pocus mate ,Advanced ,if you want to be advanced do a PHD in something

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Yeah, it’s like studying anything academically. You need to know it, but then in the real workd you spend half your time trying to unlearn it.

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I agree. Trading gives me a bit of a dopamine high, so when the week-end comes, although I’m glad for the rest and the change of focus it takes me a while to settle down again!

I hear you. The discovery of Forex completely changed what I do on my spare time. I used to play online games, now it’s charts and TA, lol.

It’s not a bad thing, I truly enjoy every part of it.

But be sure to make time for life and other things you enjoy. Variety is the spice, and all that…

If you’re looking for other things like Forex, check out stocks, or crypto. Crypto markets are open 24/7.

yeahh lemme get ridiculously good at forex…then I’ll look into others haha

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yes its delicious food at Forex.

Weekends are a good time to learn something new. You can even plan what you are going to do when the trading week starts. We also need to take a break and refresh our mind once in a while. So enjoy the weekends as you will be working hard for the rest of the week.

I take full rest on weekends either by laying in my bed the whole day or by spending the whole day out with friends so that I could refresh my mind and rejuvenate my energy to give a fresh start to the coming week.

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Weekends for me are about eating my favourite food and taking a short break from trading.

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I was also like this when I was a beginner. There is so much enthusiasm to watch the market moving every day. Still you can take some time to evaluate what you did last week and track your progress on the weekends. So in this way you won’t be sitting idle.

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I think it’s a must to allow your brain a break from all trading talk. It can get overwhelming and addicting, which is why it’s best to relax with a hobby or focus on learning some other aspects of the market changes. If you ask me, I just take it easy. There’s time to learn and time to rest. Balance is the key to living a stress free life.

Good that you are passionate! Makes learning easier. However it is also dangerous as forex is addictive. Treat it like a business and manage your time well. Don’t forget to spend time with your friends and family. Not saying you are going to make this mistake. Just sharing my experience to prevent you from making the same as I did.

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Why don’t you just trade crypto at weekends? You can use the same technical analysis on crypto pairs and trade via cfd exactly the same way as forex. Even from the same account if your broker provides it. Just make sure it’s one who has their customer service dept open at weekends. We had a good run a while back on my CedarFX account when crypto was pumping every weekend, scalping longs all weekend, or a few Thursday buy Sunday sells. Easy pippin’s.

I use Saturday as a practice day on my backtester EA. I’m trying to get to 10000 trades; apparently, that’s the number to shoot for when you’re trying to become an expert.

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