The Wild $50M Ride of the Flash Crash Trader

Interesting video.

Yes, quite an interesting video. Sounded a bit alarming at first but then got better. Thanks for sharing this on the forum.

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It’s debatable whether he’s actually penniless though.

It’s known that he diverted some of his profits to a Nevis structure called the NAV Sarao Milking Markets Fund.

According to the independent advocacy group Tax Justice Network, Nevis out-obscures all the traditional offshore centers: BVI, Switzerland, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Luxembourg.

So he might be still doing okay.

Of course, interesting videos have a lot to learn from now on.

From my experience in the forex market, I have realized that trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be emotionally strong to be able to risk your money in the market. If you think that forex trading will bring only profits, you might have to rethink and look for something else.

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Videos don’t only give you time to relax but also make you understand a lot of things in an easy way. I have made it a habit to watch at least one such video in a day so that I always have the chance of improving myself as a trader.

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Thanks for sharing the video mate.

Can’t say such videos answer all your queries but yeah you definitely tend to pick a point or two that’ll help. But do make sure you confirm whatever you learn from a verified source of information or a forum for your own good.