The XAU and XAG - correct Tick size?

Good Morning,
can someone please shed some light on what the minimum Tick size is for these two markets ( XAU/USD and XAG/USD )

On the Forex.xom Platform/Charts - it shows in the box where you enter the number of Lots you want to trade as ( min 1 ) for the XAU and ( min 5 ) for the XAG

I am use to trading forex ( EUR/USD,AUD/USD,etc. but the XAU and XAG are completely new

Where for the EUR/USD for example, I can enter 1000 in the quantity box when I go to place a trade, and I enter 1000 which is 1 micro Lot

So how would this work for the XAU where it shows ( min 1 ) in the quantity box?
Would entering 1 be 1 Lot? And then what would the value per Lot be?

So how would this work as well for the XAG where it shows ( min 5 ) in the quantity box?
Would entering 5 be 5 Lots? And then what would the value per Lot be?

Do these two markets ( XAU and XAG ) allow you to decide if you want to trade in micros, mini or standard?
Or is there only one Pip size, no matter what?

Lastly please - for the XAG , it is showing XAG/USD ( per 0.1 ) … what is it referring to when it says ( per 0.1 )?

I really appreciate everyone’s help
I’m looking forward to trading these two markets, just want to make sure i understand the in and outs of them before I start trading them :slight_smile:

I think this really depends on your broker. So for instance, I think for, gold is traded on 1:1 margin and with a minimum requirement of 1 lot = 1 troy ounce, that means I have to, as of today, shell out $1953 for it. :sweat_smile:

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