The5ers or ftmo prop firm?

Looking at te process to get funded, the the5ers seems more realistic as it’s 60 days and there is no max loss limit, only a 4% drawdown limit. As a swing trader, this seems more doable than 30 days and a 10% max loss limit for FTMO.

What do people here think?

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So there is a maximum loss limit, 4%?


I read that as per trade, not the total account value?

can we trust FTMO ? did you win challenge ?

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I doubt we can. I tried them out first as my first prop fund and didn’t like my experience with their rules. I felt pressure, something I hoped to prevent when joining a prop fund.

I tried the challenge twice and didn’t pass. Many people complained about the same thing.
I was later fortunate to find Blufx and trade real money immediately I got my account. And best of all I have no pressures. I get paid after hitting my target. Simple.

Ftmo is better…
There’s another great one too…
Traders Central Fund…
Check them out

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Right now I am being evaluated by the5ers. Just started, lets see how it goes.

Many pay to play places have very tight parameters and crap spreads/execution. Even if you make it through the eval, once you slip you have to pay again and do eval once more. It is by design.

I believe 2ndskies wrote about it.

I tried a couple myself.

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Why do so many people complain about the rules “after” taking the challenge? The rules are already set out and you should know what you are capable of before accepting the challenge??

And its design is to find profitable traders, if the rules were easier then FTMO would have been fvcked a long time ago.