ThePatternTrader - Mark Shawzin

Did anybody make experience with this guy or his service?
Or did anybody learned from him ?
cant find infos about him or his service here on babypips but maybe somebody here knows something :slight_smile:

Mark Shawzin | The Pattern Trader

found him on twitter and iam just curious


signed up for his trial. Make sure you checkout his journal for Dec, Jan and Feb. He describes the trades he entered and why he did so with a lot of detailed explanations. Lets see how the trial goes

hehe its you again :slight_smile:
ok lets take the free trial…
how does he performed the time you were with him?

best regards

I learned about him from you over here. Signed up for the trial just a few minutes ago. So will probably figure out his how his performance is over the next 2 weeks.

hehe ok i does the same 14 days trial…lets see what we can learn from him…

I posted something similar on other threads I am massively dubious with any of these “mentors” / “teachers”. I keep thinking why try and sell me something for £1k if you’ve been a successful trader for 20+ years. My £1k isn’t really going to make a dint in your bank account. Anyway I’ve succumbed to this one and signed up for the 14 days. What I like is its not a tool or strategy or some mythical thing he’s selling. It seems to be an opportunity for you to learn or just copy and make PIPs.

On a similar note has anyone had dealings with Lee Sanford?

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Just one not to all of you: I did not check out the link and guy and I will also not do it. Just wanted to share my experience about patterns: all books, sites learning materials and etc. shows when those patterns worked out great. No one never posts when they fail and they fail very very very many times. You have to be an expert with money management if you want to be successful with trading those patterns.

Took the 14 day trial with him and I don’t really see much value here at least for me. He is obviously giving signals and explains them too, but the type of signals he has are not for me. His trading is based on shapes, mainly triangles where is says that the price might either go up or down once the triangle is broken! HAHA!!! Everyone know that the price is either gonna go up or down.

I took one of his signal trades but ended in a loss, and multiple of the other signals didn’t even hit the price point of BUY or SELL he had pointed out.

His trading style and signals are not for me!


I been with this group for 10 months now. Luckily membership runs out after a year and I will be sad because, I will be out and people are still in there.
His signals are a little too (how to say it?) weird for me. I get it with the reversal bars and insurance bars and whatever terminology he uses. But that style is good for some situations with “slow” trading conditions , but when it comes to news/events … no way.
(2) The performance/results he publishes sure tells the story . Positive pip counts on a monthly basis is common. But breaking it down, if you are not on GOLD, then you will be on the outside looking in (US members). Lately, the number of stop losses seems to out number the take profits by 5 to 1 !! Sure, some big profit makers like a GBPNZD 400 pip gain looks good, but to get there , the signals showed nearly 8 stop losses! (give or take)
(3) Communications … wow. bad to the bone ! HIs emails to the members are wrought with complaint. Many don’t get it due to “technical errors” . Believe that and I have swamp land for sale in Nevada.
Believe it or not, the service main avenue of communication is on FACEBOOK !!! OMG !!! !!!

The membership mainly has many many many beginners. Which is good (I think). The majority of the FB members that post are knowledgeable and defend Mark like crazy. In fact, I know I am about to be destroyed after this post.

By the way, it’s all good… I don’t follow his signals anymore after, but what I do most of the time is to fade his trade ideas for very good profit.

Sorry if I offended anyone, but I just trying to help those that are thinking of joining, DO NOT do it. Other mentors out there are better.

hi there, i dont see how it isnt for you…he makes money and good money…one of the few out there…and that is the bottom line…

Man, I wish that was really true.

Hi there, mark is very profitable over the long term! I trade the same way and do very well

for example this is the AUDCAD …its near the top of the range on weekly and has formed a descending wedge triangle…where the location is …its usually a bearish pattern…to me it looks quite heavy ie …look where it closed on friday…so the confirmation is a break of the triangle to the downside…but like mark, i like to get in abit early so i would wait for what i call an insurance day bar…and sell about 1 to 2 pips below that bar…so patience is a must but alot of white space is below.


I would steer clear of him, I’ve was with him for 4 months and here is what I’ve learned.

  1. He managed members accounts (who paid extra) using a broker called Berndale Capital (whom he recommended to everyone) Many of these members reported losses of 90% of their accounts (hundreds of thousands total) on two rogue trades, Mark says he didn’t trigger these trades, Berndale says he did and they’re now blaming each other/threatening legal action but its far from being resolved and I doubt it will TBH. There is also a cease and desist that suggests he isn’t even allowed to manage peoples accounts so it is upsold to members who’ve already joined.

  2. Countless Administrative errors e.g. ‘buy stops’ when it should read ‘sell stops’ signals 100 or so pips off from what he meant. Really sloppy signals.

  3. Really dishonest marketing! I know marketing is mostly BS anyway but the stories and nonsense they give you to entice you in is just deplorable.

  4. Really poor performance, lost loads over the summer and into the fall of 2016 and conveniently just doesn’t show his September performance. He seemed to start risking much higher % trades towards the end of the month to try and make up for losses but just made it worse. Overall I think I lost 30-40% following each of his trades to the letter.

  5. If you speak out or question anything they don’t like in the Facebook group you’ll just get deleted or banned.

This guy comes across as decent and professional but please don’t buy into it as I unfortunately did.

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How much is he actually charging per month or per year?

With all his marketing BS it is actually impossible to tell how much!!!

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Has anyone else got any feedback about this service?

I’m a newbie and recently became consistently profitable. I trade using patterns - wedges, triangles, channels, head and shoulders etc. So, I know for sure that pattern trading is profitable, however, not sure if it’s worth signing up for his signals.

Obviously, Mark trades patterns, meaning that his service will be useless to any other type of trader. So, are there any other [B][U]pattern[/U][/B] traders out there who are, or have previously, signed up to Mark’s service? How did you find it?

Bad experience

Avoid, run like crazy - I subscribed and lost all

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I would run like crazy, I was a subscriber and he lost all my money

I would not recommend this person, very scary, I was a subscriber, not nay longer

Which one of the products sends you the daily email with the signals?

Is it the $997 per year one or can you pay the $97 a month and still get the signals?