There is at least one trader on the live account, share the experience of withdrawing money from the account if you have such a thing and want it

there is at least one trader on the live account, share the experience of withdrawing money from the account if you have such a thing and want it
all the brokers I tried to check on trustpilot have negative feedback, some even 10-20% of those labeled as good regardless of whether they are ECN or MM, the statements of those who give negative feedback are relevant in the case of MM with spread manipulation, in the case of ECN with slippage without any motivation

Common reasons that brokers get negative comments are when clients try to withdraw capital into a different bank account than the one they made a deposit from, or the client has traded contrary to the T&C’s (such as arbitraging).


I’ve withdrawn from IC Markets and Pepperstone.

IC Markets was a real pain in the backside because my card had expired so had to go through a load of steps to prove who I am and that it was the same account. Eventually got there.

Pepperstone is linked to my Paypal account, so much easier.

So, in case of withdrawals pepperstone is better?

although the frustrating process of withdrawals in IC market is a pain in the neck but isn’t it a good thing? High security and this stuff?

IC Markets was difficult because the card number changed. It’s easy otherwise

i asked 2 many question from U but can you explain about T&Cs? :expressionless: i cant understand most of the explanations from others i need some simplified definitions.

The broker let’s you know what are the Terms & Conditions of your account when you open it. It will probably say there are some things you must not do, arbitraging is often prohibited, but other things too.

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terms and conditions are very important and must be read carefully, usually they are favorable to those who created them and we are usually not read by users. For example, who takes into account the terms and conditions from facebook or google, the majority click on the terms and conditions that we agree with them. But if they call and money is involved, it becomes dangerous and that’s why I’m looking for feedback from a broker
As a parenthesis, when I was young I bought a new car from Ford, after a few years it rusted and I went to the dealer to tell him that he said I had a 5-year warranty against rust, at which point the dealer took out the terms and conditions contract and he showed me that it says that the paint inside the car is guaranteed against rust.
Moreover, when it comes to discussing, for example, arbitrage is not allowed, but you must accept sleepage

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hmmm thank you so much so i need to choose ma broker first right?

Yes, find a broker who will offer you a demo account. this is a great way to test out trading without having to risk any real money. In fact, as demo accounts are free, you can open more than one and find out how you like the different brokers and their charts, platforms, etc.

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hmm that was a more detailed explanation and thanks for the personal experience that U shared :green_heart:

hmm thank U so much but i heard that demo accounts R way different from real account is that right?

Some are more realistic than others, which is another good reason for trying out different brokers.

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how can i know which ones are more realistic?

It will cost you nothing to try out 2 or 3 or even more. Most demo accounts are just replicas of what you would get if you opened a real account.

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the demo accounts follow the quotes from the real account, they may be time-shifted but not very much, it depends on which server it is on or other spreads can be set
(the demo account is delayed compared to the real one)
anyway, the differences are very small, yes, if you follow real account quotes and do scraping on the demo, you will win

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Is there any way to find whether their demos are realistic or not?

It sounds like you’re hoping there is a demo platform for demo accounts…

A demo account costs nothing. You can have 1 or 2 or 10 or 20 if you want. If you only pick one and it is not a good account to use, that is useful knowledge because you will know why it was not a good account. So your next choice of account will be better.

The idea is to not always be right from Day 1, it is to make choices and learn from what happens next.

You are completely right. Thank you.

hmmmm gotcha! im srechin bout brokers right now