TheRealInsideBar Money where his mouth is

As the title says money where my mouth is.

So as started in other threads, just coming back to trading. I’m learning MT5 for the first time so just a small demo account to get the skillset honed back in. Cause I’ve traded real funds I now the emotions so trading demo is the same for me. Hopeful it won’t take long to learn other assets and the features on MT5

First up I trade Price Action. I look with my eyes, I think with my mind. With that said its a no brainer to enter into a EURUSD long for a few pips @1.17665

and out @1.17851. profit 19 pips :grin:

Day trading T. No mujik 1.5 TP target here

Money where my mouth is.
Im going to trade a demo account.
:crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Oh great the thought police are here.

Never thought I needed saving from myself but

geez weez thanks @TP89 I have now seen the light and the error off my ways. You are legend

Now FO