TheRumpledOne posts free indicators

TheRumpledOne posts free indicators for TradeStation, eSignal, MT4 and QuoteTracker.

If you GOOGLE, you’ll probably find what you are looking for.

Someone requested the TRO DASHBOARD to display values rather than arrowheads.

I also wrote the TRO AVGRANGE indicator to be used with the dashboard.

The example shows the average range over the last 24 bars for each time frame for the currencies.

Remember, you can use any external indicator with the dashboard but you have to supply the correct inputs.

I coded a TRO MULTI METER SQUEEZE indicator for traders who like to use the TTM SQUEEZE.

I tried googling and it just comes up with these posts from this forum. However on the kreslik site (which can be googled) under /forums, it looks like the indicators are there, most of them.

Yes, many of them are there for you to download. Others I send out.

I use TRO indicators and have found them very helpful. I like “The buy zone” it tells me when to buy long or go short. The horizontal lines help me to see when to execute. No squiggly line here.

Thanks RO,
Very kind of you to do this.

You’re welcome.

could you please add an audio and email alert to Bill Willam�s Accelerator Oscillator when it changes color? it’s for mt4

i did google but no indicators i have seen. Can u just link us to the download address?

No, I think it is against the rules to post links.

Did you google “free mt4 indicators” ?

Some of my latest stuff.


Simple yet effective.

TRO_NB_SR_Alert shows:

  1. the price(s) you entered

  2. how many pips the current price is above/below those prices


I just realized who this guy is, and know why he was banned from all the places you can see he was banned from if you go to his website. This guy is also known as Code Muncher. One of the most arrogant people I have ever run across, and who, along with a few other rabble rousers, succeeded in having the originator of a thread on another site shut it down for good. People were having fun on that site. It was one of the most visited. Then he comes along and ruins everything. To top it off, he sneaked into the website that was created by the originator of that thread. The website was created to get away from all the hate filled people. He came in with one indicator after another after another. All colorful, and all worthless. He wanted the coding for the dashboard that someone else created, and became upset when he couldn’t get it, and then proceeded to show everybody who he was by making his own…one poor version after another poor version after another…trying to outdo the great dashboard that others toiled over for months. Here is a cut and paste about this guy on The Kantor Site. The site that was speeded up to get away from guys like this. Many wanted the thread to continue, but the person that started had enough with arrogant people taking over the thread…just like he’s trying to do here at BabyPips. Here’s the copy of what is posted at The Kantor site:

"please,would somebody ban TheRumpledOne aka CodeMuncher aka TRO aka BashBrothers aka ***?..

I was reluctant to reply but now feel it necessary. This character

Michael Kreslik (

aka TRO, Codemuncher, (and yes he is here on KantorFx with at least one other name, is it not obvious?) … is not the Arrogant New Yawker Paradoxical called him back on FF. His ‘problem’ runs much deeper than this. There is a class of spiritually decrepit beings we call Hasmanous, these are people whose well-being depends on the ill-being of others. There really is nothing you can say to him to alter his outlook, this issue runs much deeper, deeper even than his genes. It his is very core. So don’t waste your valuable energy, remember, like an etheral vampire, this is what he feeds on.

Best to ignore him. He will find someone (somewhere) else to persecute soon.

In fact he might not be here for much longer. He is already active again on FF as a ‘new member’ garciaFX and you can see him in action on the BRV and Jacko threads. Same old BS. The relevant authorities have been informed.

I wonder why admin tolerate him there.

That is a mystery. I did not know about all you posted, but I do know that he offers “free” indicators but then shows other ones that seem much better and when you ask how to get those, you are told to make a “donation” as a “thank you” to his paypal account and he will send it to you. The 'donation" is minimum $50 and I think that is only for one indicator.

Buyer beware.

It’s the old "bait and switch’ tactic. Throw out mediocre stuff for free and then offer the better stuff for a donation. This guy can throw together an indicator a minute. You want it…he’s got it, or can make it. Dazzling colors, blinking lights. This thing and that thing. He has literally thousands of them. You want one that will show how far away the pair is from 3 weeks and 4 hours ago, and he’ll make it in a snap. He cluttered up another thread with his crappy indicators because he was like a petulent child who was told he wouldn’t get the source code. Anyway, I think if he admits to accepting donations, that is to me the same as selling. If he leaves here, he’ll be back under another name. Perhaps Lucifer, or Faust.

How can someone (like Paradoxical) get to be an Honarary FX-Men member in Reputation with only 13 posts, and if you look in the public profile, only 1 rep comment was given for supposedly exposing a scammer (which in my opinion the jury is still out on that) :confused:

Something isn’t right there!

No mystery at all.

Actually, if someone sends me a donation, they receive over 100 indicators AND they also receive any new ones that I code, too. I usually come up with some new each week.

I find it funny that you think some indicators are better than others. I just posted a free price level alert indicator here on BabyPips. What would make that inferior to another indicator? No gimmick. You can download it for free including the source code. No one has to send me a donation if they don’t want to. But some people like to show their appreciation for the work that I do. If they do, then I thank them by send them more indicators.

There are no “buyers” because I am not selling indicators.

There’s nothing EVIL going on here.

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Bait and switch is when you offer one thing and then deliver something else.

There is not bait and switch going on here. FREE is FREE. You can download the indicators that I post for free and it ends there.

I have offered to speak to you one on one because for some reason you have the wrong impression about me. I don’t know what I have done to harm you since I don’t know you.

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I am not Michal Kreslik. Michal lives in the Czech Republic. He is a friend of mine. garciaFX is a Mexican in Mexico. I am an American and live in the USA. I am known as TheRumpledOne (TRO) all over the world. That is the handle that I use.

Michal is one the left, I am on the right.

You can read more about our adventure here: - Traders Community :: View topic - U.S. Pip Force in Mexico

This should expose paradoxical as a liar. paradoxical, I will ask you once again to please stop posting false statements about me.

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