Thinking in Probabilities (outside of trading). Good or bad?

I’ve had a lot of meditating time lately. :pray:
Did any of you guys feel like the skills you learn in trading are spilling into your personal life? :thinking:
here’s a little food for thought for you to ponder on.

In the world of forex and the financial markets, more often than not, we are forced to think in probabilities (instead of certainties). This is purrhaps the biggest change I have seen on my personal perspective of life as I took the journey of trading the financial markets. I have come to accept failed ideas as part of the process and I don’t get bothered too much by failed ideas. I tend to accept that some of my work will end up as failures and see my decisions more as an application of my “edge” in the long term.
"It’s okay to fail on some decisions and ideas as long as overall I succeed."

In the world of trading, we are forced to approach our decisions with a process-based approach instead of an outcome-based approach. I tend to think less of what others think of my decisions and their opinions on my plans and ideas as long as I know I did what I know is “right”.
"My ideas were made with the best intentions with what I have. Regardless of the outcome or their opinions with my outcome, I’ll stick by my decisions and my process. I move on quickly from failure. I don’t care what they say about it."

In the world of trading, we are forced to reprogram our psyches to think that every trade is not about us as a person and we have to detach from emotions related to the trading decisions we make. The weird thing is, I seem to have applied that to my decisions on the outside world as well. I have become detached to the emotional outcome of decisions on life.
"It’s okay if they don’t like me. My ideas work."

In the world of trading, we are forced to rely on our proven systems and signals, often ignoring the opinions of analysts, commentaries and news that are irrelevant, and tips in general. I seem to have instinctively classified other people’s opinions (especially about me) as “noise” that I ignore
"It’s okay if they don’t agree with me. I don’t care about their opinions especially about me and what I should do with my life."

In the world of trading, as we apply an objective probabilistic approach, we have little to no fear of loss. We have little to no remorse cutting losses. Some of our capital is expendable.
"Some people are expendable"
I’m not completely certain if this is a step towards a positive direction or am I becoming… less of a person? :thinking:
Good or bad? :thinking:

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, the cat is doing fine and nothing seriously bad has happened. Several minor booboos for the past months since March but nothin’ I can’t handle. I took a step back and pondered on how perspectives have (kind of) changed outside of trading. I just figured perhaps I’m not the only one facing this kind of change and I’m still wrapping my head around how I “should” be treating this change. All is well. :smile_cat:

Gimme your 2 cents pwease! :cat:


Great article.



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Thanks for the appreciation! :heart_eyes_cat:
How would you weigh on that? Would you see it as a step forward or a step back? Perhaps you’ve seen that change in yourself as well? How do you deal with it? :cat:

I agree with some of the sentiments expressed. I have certainly noticed that in non-trading life issues I am inclined to define a winning outcome and a losing outcome in advance,the same way I identify a stop-loss level and a TP level (or at least a TP pattern). Then I respect these and move on from them accordingly.

I’m not sure but its possible that I am now more inclined to confront issues that have the clearest win/lose outcomes, where this pattern of behaviour is more applicable.

I have always been a planner in my life but I’m sure if I had not been, the trading process and trade strategy designing would have encouraged this.

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This is oh so true. What this younger generation have not been taught is that failure is part of life. Failure teaches. Failure motivates. Failure is a natural part of the universal order and whilst that may sound a bit weird when you look at how the universe works is that there has to be opposites in order to maintain the universal balance. Success verses failure.

I saw on Sean Hannity the other night where BLM supporters were going into white neighbourhoods demanding that these white people give up their homes and give them to black people. That is the marxist view and what a lot of today’s generation believe. Older white people have it all and they should give it to us. “We want it now and we will take it if you won’t give it to us.” Why do they deserve to be given what is not theirs?? They didn’t earn it. It is nothing more than selfishness.

Failure brings self responsibility and in my opinion everyone is responsible for how they live their lives. There are no free lunches.




You are growing up - Congratulations ! :sunglasses:

A huge number of people NEVER get past "What will the neighbours say ?"

You may note that a few of us tend to epress opinins which may be trending towards “unpopular” - That does NOT mean They are wrong ! :wink:

You are growing up in a very confusing time when “sheeple” are insisting that things we can patently see to be untrue are completely true and “undeniable” - Yet you are demonstrating the greatest values associated with “Being a man” - ie analytical and critical thinking - Those skills are the best defence any man has against being brainwashed - well done sir !

As to being “less of a person” - cobblers ! you are a member of the only “group” it is legally acceptable, permissible - and many feel “Praiseworthy” to discriminate against - Men ! - A “person” is simply a memeber of teh humman race - REJECT any further “definitions” intended to invoke GUILT in your mind - In fact Reject All GUILT !

Your only real “duty” is to succeed yourself and your only “responsibilities” are to your immediate family (if you choose to go down that path - many logical men nowadays are rejecting that path )

Some of Jordan Peterson’s stuff is good - although you need to be aware that he is/was a happily married man and perhaps a little “Behind the times” with respect to the way things really are in male / female relations nowadays.

You could take a look at some of teh vids of AYN RAND ! - a Russian born woman - and probaby one of the few female Geniuses out there ! Her philosophy is worth further investigation - People like Alan Greenspan - were devotees of hers.

That is a view which this type of thinking could trend towards - and I believe that attributing “Value” to “People” is wrong - tempting to feel that Einstein was of more vaue than “the village idiot” - but as a “person” - an individual - is that true ? - I don’t think it is - but it is one of those quandries which we just have to live with. Jus be careful with your thinking around that one !

All teh Best



Good view. I guess that’s a positive aspect to it. Expectations are set and we move on from the decision asap the way we treat SL and TP. :smiley:

True that. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Yeah, I guess that’s how I should see these changes as being more responsible. :slight_smile:

You’re right. I should see these changes in a positive light. It’s the path to growth.

Exactly! You understand me. :smiley:

Thank you!

Yeah, everything seems to be geared towards Political Correctness these days. You can’t avoid stepping on people’s toes. That’s where the confusion is on my part. For growth and progress to happen, I have to step on people’s toes. :frowning:

Will look em up. My brother is a big fan of Jordan Peterson’s talks and debates. I guess it’s time I opened materials he sent me before. Thank you!

Yeah, this is the big and heavy one. This one needs more thinking… and feeling i guess.

Thanks for your time, brother. :smiley:

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positive aspect - maybe. But perhaps also a negative one as maybe I am disincentivised from confronting the life questions which aren’t capable of a simple yes/no, win/lose, do it/don’t do it pair of opposite outcomes. I guess we’ll never know…

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