Thinking of Swing Trading this, but before I do


Firstly in the MT4 phone app, when I touch on a open position to expand it, it shows swap with a number next to it. To clarify if there a negative/minus - in front of that number, does that mean I’m paying this swap and numbers without the “-” in front of it means I am being paid that swap?

Swat Type = In Points or Percentage terms. What’s the difference between the two? I see its Points for forex pairs and Percentage Terms for stock markets.

Okay finally when it comes to the Swap Rate, is the swap rated calculated between the difference between swap long and the swap short? For example for EURUSD swap long is -7.23 and swap short is 3.16, if I go long on EURUSD does the mean I pay the swap rate -7.23 + 3.16 = -4.07 that I pay the swap fee for swing trades or does it mean I pay -7.23 swap fee for swing trading EURUSD and this swap fee can vary during an open swing trade? This is assuming the minus “-” means I pay the fee, not being paid the fee.


The title and content of the post is hard to understand. But anyways, if you are asking about swaps that’s the interest rate (funding) on every currency pair. Honestly, you shouldn’t even be thinking about this. Most of the times it does not have a big impact on your trade. Unless you are shorting USDJPY for 6 months. Then, that’s painful.