Thinking up a domain name for a forex related blog

I was thinking of a domain name for a forex site. Everytime I thought of a name, it’s already taken. This happened to all about 20 names that I came up with. But I checked “”, it’s available. Since I am not an english-speaking person, I wonder if there is something ‘wrong’ with this name that I, as a non-native speaker, don’t know. I find the name easy to remember. I already paid USD10 to register the domain but feel reluctant to start working on the site for fear there is a problem associated with the “forexima” name. Actually I saw a “Toyota Estima” when I was driving while thinking up a suitable domain name. That’s where it came from.

To my ear, it sounds feminine. It sounds like the skin cleanser called Noxzema that some women use.

Since this name was #20 on your list, you must have liked a bunch of other names a lot more.

So, what were your first 5 choices (the ones that aren’t available)? If you tell us those, maybe we can suggest a work-around.

It sounds a bit like a skin disorder as well.

Id keep looking. Think about being more specific if you want your blog to get traffic. Generic Forex will never show up in the search engines against the professional marketers unless it becomes a huge resource like Babypips. Something like is probably available. Sorry, all the cool short name domains are long gone. Be more specific about your topic and I can probably give you a better idea.

I do run a forex blog, which I will not name since its entirely marketing related, but good names are still out there.

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