Third Altic traiding system

Hi guys and girls!

I am wondering if any of you try Third Altic system and what is yours thoughs?

Since the indicator is not for free I can not upload (I am new so I coudn’t anyway) but anyone who has some experiance with it it would help.

Thank you!

whats your result i am also now using this system

i am still waiting for your reply please

I did reply - but it got deleted because teh mods didn’t understand.

What I said was ;

“Wossis” (What’s this ?) then ?

The detail being that I didn’t know what you meant and was hoping for something a little less cryptic, either a link or an explanation.

I expect others have teh same problem.

[Edit ; Although if it’s a paid for system, perhaps others don’t pay for it ]

i am using it on demo and having a very good result now also i opened 4 trades doing good

good indicator… simple,…