This gave me a good laugh - Exness scam broker, caught

In case you guys are not aware, there are scam-ass brokers who work with agents to create a nice trading history to lure people to trade, hopefully with them.

Some of these scum brokers will edit the trading history, while some, like the example above, will simply make it possible for their agents to input all kinds of trades and will only be profitable because they will never be margin-called. In case you still don’t understand the second scenario, basically the agent simply open tons of trades and simply take profits once they are in profit. The trades that incur huge losses will be wiped from trading history once the broker has the time.

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wait, you mean they make trades in your account to give you loses, or they exclude your big wins? for real?

Who or where can these agents be found? Are they out there in the physical world telling people about it? Or are they more online?


But mainly online.

Is it possible to manually set leverage in Myfxbook? Regardless, given the magnitude of profits achieved in such a brief period, I would hesitate to entrust my funds to this trader.

You mean like this?