This is how I blew my account today

Great break down SovoS with a clear explaination
The best way we learn is from our mistakes. Patience is so important and definitely money management.
Sometimes it’s better to enter with a small margin then build it up as the market goes your way. If it doesn’t then you can rebuild going the other way.
Be patient

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Everyone is telling you what they think should’ve been done or where you went wrong. Hindsight is always 20/20. It looks to me that you fomo’d with that buy position. Psychology is a big part of trading. If the trade isn’t following your plan dont take it! Instead of having 1 loss now you have two because you weren’t following your plan! Focus on proper execution of your plan! If your plan has an edge the money will come, losing is part of the game! Now if you dont have a true plan that you can write down then thats a different conversation.STICK TO YOUR PLAN!

Seems to me you lack proper knowledge on a lot of things. seeing your entries was painful. I got some free time for a 1n1 zoom session. let me know

I’m sorry to hear about the loss! Hoping that things go in your favor from here on out.

What strategy were you applying here…?

Please explain why did you enter the market ? Even without any indictors clearly you shouldn’t open sell position.

I appreciate you saw what I saw before I made the first short.

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I would not take on board the criticism of your entry - except for one thing.

Given the turmoil within the Boe right now I mentioned elsewhere that there would be some volatility with GBP.

On the chart i posted there is a yellow downtrend line that you likely were aware of - below the same chart with the same line extended to this morning - clearly the only thing ‘wrong’ with your sell trade was it’s stop (re the volatility) - a stop above the triple high with a tp set for today (Boe publish tomorrow) would yield 2 to 1

Tomorrow is also a good learning day on Gbp - if the boe raise then a knee jerk up - then likely sellers will take advantage of the higher price - if no raise then reasonable chance of the selling continuing.
But remember that GBP would need wider stops.

Edit: if boe raise by say 20bps and maybe end qe then that’s a game changer - I would doubt that but you never know :slight_smile:

I agree completely - it is easy to criticise with the benefit of hindsight. Those who choose that path are often “Lightweights”

Therein lies one of teh most difficult challenges we face as traders - Getting your stops right !

@peterma is a knowledgeable trader and his advice is always worth listening to - even if you decide eventually that you will still back your own view.

I’m not entirely sure whta time of day your little “event” took place although it does look remrakably like a “LONDON OPEN” event. The London open is a phenomenon in it’s own right and trading it is a specialist subject in it’s own right - which you may choose to look at on various U tub vids ! Many people offer “Advice” on how to trade it - but as in all things trading - there seems to be no single reliable way of making consistent profits from it unless you do specialise - but you should be aware that it exists !

All the best


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Not a nice comment.

It is not criticism in the sense of “I know better” or necessarily from amateurs that don’t know themselves what they are doing.

There is no point in someone posting a situation here unless they want views on what went wrong (which it clearly did!) and what kind of things could have been looked at which can be helpful in future decision-making situations.

The OP invites comments and will get all kinds of responses. It is up to him to sift through what is useful to him and what is not. A blanket dismissal by you of everyone else’s earlier comments is, in my opinion, in the category of what is not…

Comments made for the sake of saying something negative such as ‘clearly you shouldn’t open sell position’ or 'you lack proper knowledge ’ are neither helpful or constructive and simply fall into the category of ‘criticism’.

If a learner takes on board such criticism then good chance he/she will end up quitting.

Your own particular post could hardly be termed ‘critical’ but there are a few above that can be so termed - I see one even got the direction wrong!.

Anyways as Falstaff says it’s all hindsight stuff, the Fed have published and the market now digesting - Inflation still deemed ‘transitory’ - " Inflation is elevated, largely reflecting factors that are expected to be transitory"

There’s a little difference in nuance from last time but very little - so carry on as you were with USD

Exactly! So it is not nice to generalise with an all-inclusive derogatory comment. If one feels that certain comments should be corrected or specified as unhelpful then refer to them specifically.

I appreciate that there is an old boys group of mutual support here on BP but that does not excuse such generalised downgrading of others as lightweight and unhelpful…just saying…

First I heard of that one.

I was the poster who suggested the OP not take on board the criticism and nothing to do about old boys support , I simply agree that the criticism mentioned could neither be termed helpful or heavyweight - but that’s just my view - it’s the OP’s learning curve at the end of the day.

I’m out of this thread.

Think of it this way. At least they made it quick so you didn’t lose much of your time. :joy:

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That’s one good way to look at it. So far I have recovered $24.

My cable target today is 1.36293 (daily S1), what I want now is a good entry

Thank you. I definitely FOMO’d long. With the power of hindsight I should have left my short position open for another 24 hours or closed it; both are better than what I did.

i think your broker is watching your position and setting you up.and…just a normal day in forex

I think so too. Most times the moment my SL is hit, the price makes an immediate turnaround

Hey how are you? I suffer from this also!!! Can you help?

I’m ready for the zoom session