This is how I swing

Hello everyone. This is the system I use for my swing trading account. I have been trading with it for about a month and tested it for about 3 before that. It’s very simple but applying it is the hard part. I’m one of those “trading is 90% psychological” believers. Also I always keep up to important news events and I always watch to see how they will effect the market.

So about twice a day (early morning, mid-evening) I look over the major currency pairs. I apply an EMA (5,10), SAR, RSI (EMA), MACD, and Stochastic to search for valid trades. (4 hour charts. All indicators applied to close)

Valid Trade - EMA crosses
- RSI above 50 for buy, below 50 for sell
- MACD crossover, histogram + to - sell, - to + buy
- Stochastic indicator must not show overbought or oversold

Once I find a trade where all of the indicators match up I check my daily, and sometimes my weekly charts to see the main trend. I usually only ride the trends on the longer time frames. I like to close and re-enter based on hourly charts also.

Anyways thats pretty much it. Never force a trade, let them come to you, and always keep up with important news events. If you want to see my log for the system i will post it and all updates.

Happy Trading. :slight_smile:

hi, can i ask you about the parameters to be used in:
STOCHASTIC (wich kind fast or slow)?
as well which pair are you working

i need some one in orlando please help.

Dear All,

It’s good formula use in swing trade.You can make an EA.

Happy Trading

This is a simple and effective strategy,I think…
I want to ask what is your SL and TP,and what are the best pairs to work with?

Hey now.
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Your system sounds eerily similar to the cowabunga system.
Check it out in the blogs from the front page.

As someone has already pointed put there are EA’s you can apply that automocally notify you whenthe conditions you have described are met.


yeah, im sure it is EA system, and exact same set up but longer term, and ADDTIONAL it is SAR,

sometime, too much indicator which it is make us confuse.

whatever it work for you keep it you then, stick to your rules

COWABUNGA SYSTEM is good, i should edit that system, just kidding hahah

I would love to see a log if you woudn’t mind. I am about to test this strategy on a demo account for the next few months and I would love to hear any additional insight you could provide.
Thank you!

I’m starting to fall in love in swing trading…

Please, let me know more ideas because I don�t really understand why you�d prefer a swing strategy than scalping. Actually I couldn�t close my USDCHF order on friday because markets were closing. Then, I lost too many pips, I don�t want to remember how I got this new account balance. You mean the swing strategy doesn�t include orders on weekends? Jess

Hi Purplepancakes,

I am curious about how you determine your exits and entries. I use a system similar to yours, less the MACD, but on the daily, and I use SAR reversal as first exit, and MA or RSI cross for secondary exit. Still testing this method on a demo account so I’m looking to develop it.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Well, with swing trading you don’t have to bother the spreads of the pair because swinger trade on bigger timeframes unlike scalpers. Swingers don’t need to sit all day to enter posts unlike scalpers. But this doesn’t mean swing trading is better than scalping.

How’s everybody doing with this system…Any success/failure stories out there?..