This is is a big a big massive tip , been ummering and ummering about it but i will

I made my first 4 million from this (newbies questions accepted only)

This is an absolutley massive information tip ,this is my first ever maths equation when i was 18 even as i’m typing should i help should i not
this tip is absolutley huge, and i only give it because at the end of the day i’m muli millionare

sheesh this is something i was waiting to give to my kids but i dont have kids and never will

this is the masive tip for highs and lows

**** can’t believe im giving this tip

when the aud usd , nzd usd eur jpy is up
and the usd cad gbp aud eur aud is down

thers a 30 perent chance next day the aud will rise

you have the unltimate buy orsell moment

i will ad in corrispondence (eur jpy) an be excluded cause they sell so much to usa\\\ the eur jpy is your enemey in this equation the devil
forex works on supply and demand

if aud usd , nzd usd is up ( eur jpy is a common denominator) - this is your 30 percent chance of loss

usd usd cad is down
gbp aud is down
eur aud is down

aud usd is up
nzd usd is up
eur jpy ( well its the devil))

30 perent chane the next day the aud wil rise

onthe daily chart

then you have a 30 perent chance that the aud usd will beu p but brexis stuffed this all up
but it still holds but barley i used to do this when the pommies opend 6pm australian time but now i have to buy early

which as i have kept saying us stocks are going to crash all being said buy aud usd

is this my system no" i will never reveal it but it is 1 and the only maths exaxtion i will ever give

A 30% chance and you made $4 million on it! You must be very lucky?

Interesting read. Seems I will have to do some backtesting