This is my introduction

Hello guys, my name is Ekene Matthew from Nigeria.

I am a beginner in trading. After years of always crossing paths with it and running away, and even losing lots of money in it, I’ve finally decided to give it a shot.

Just completed a free course and now I’m currently taking the lessons here on babypip.

My goal is to get my financial freedom from it and to connect and grow with like minds here.

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Welcome Ekene

I wish you all the luck in your trading journey

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Thanks Pauley1

Welcome Ekene! :open_mouth: I’m sorry that happened to you. :frowning: But it’s great that you still decided to give forex another try, but with better and more strategic decisions this time! :blush: Good luck and hopefully, you get to achieve the financial freedom that you want in the future. :blush:

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I suggest you focus first on learning how not to lose money. Just let the results, if any, take care of themselves. This is the best path to eventual success, as FX trading is simple but never easy…

best of luck.

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Welcome Ekene! Glad to see your determination to give trading a try. Best of luck with the School of Pipsology and your journey to financial freedom! You’ve got a supportive community here, so feel free to ask questions and share your experiences.

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Yeah, thanks😊

Welcome, Ekene! :blush:
You have already gained a good experience even despite the fact it can’t be called positive.
I hope you will continue honing skills at this sphere and eventually fulfill your dreams and reach your goals. We are all gathered together here to regularly exchange valuable knowledge and share experience, so I’m glad we have another one aboard. :hugs:

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Hello Ekene! How are things going for you? Hope you’re having a great time here and good luck on your trading journey!

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It’s been a rough ride, but I’m certain we’ll get to our goal.

Thanks a lot.:blush:

Yes, it’s been great so far. I must say, babypips is a sail to the treasure island.:grin:


Glad to hear you’re enjoying your time here! See you around! :blush:

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