This Week's Question: 1st Quarter Down! How Was Your Trading Performance?

As we close out the first quarter of the year, let’s take a moment to reflect on our trading journey so far.

Evaluating our performance enables us to measure progress, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate success.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, what were this past quarter’s wins, losses, and lessons? Was there a memorable time this past quarter that brought in a lot of gains? Maybe BTC reaching ATHs? Maybe an NVIDIA trade that went really well?

So, how was your trading performance?


Hi, my results are public all time here DARWIN QDU - Provided by GregPawlak and managed by Darwinex

Below you can see last quarter.

Small tip from me, if you want to be a long term profitable trader, these three words will guide you.
Learn, trade, adapt.


With my equity time-graph at 86.79% at the moment, it’s being quite a quarter.

Hopeful of good tidings the 2nd quarter brings!

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Not going the way I want at all. But I must keep trading and studying if I want my trading to improve.

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Backtests looking solid so far

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So far, on my LUX trading platform this quarter i have reached $209.25 profit to date. It is a slow grind, but now trend trading the weekly time frame with a c.$50 S/L,.

What I have learnt, for whatever Lot size, (my volume is 0.20) it is crucial to give breathing space for the S/L - which by definition I need a large account size, and a high win rate. Mine is around 60/40.


1st quarter trading performance was unique for me, in that for the first time in four years, I decided (in 2023) on a stretch target to remove our original risk capital from our crypto portfolio this year and settle the remaining profit over 4 years into 80% investment (time horizon of 3 months to infinity) and 20% of it into very high risk high reward pursuits (like meme coin sniping). This is the first time I have ever been able to invest and trade forward with all my previous market risk withdrawn.

I achieved this in UK property in 1999 wherein the entire deposit on my personal home was accumulated from the previous five years of unwithdrawn, after-tax profits from Buy To Let property investments in the UK. I achieved this in gold by about 2012 when the average compounded annual price increase over our holding period exceeded our personal annual rate of inflation over the previous 20 years. I have now achieved that in Crypto. I have decided to remain steering clear of “government tax incentivized investments” like UK ISAs (read USA 401Ks), due to my long term distrust of big business and politics. Do what they do, not what they tell you to do, and you are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome, and you will never have anyone else to blame for any misfortune except your own stupid self. :rofl:


Five trades, 3 - 2, account up about 1.4%.

First Q2 trade last week got about 40 pips.

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23% profit in the first quarter with my bots on real account is not too bad. :slight_smile: So, I’m really satisfied.

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Management also and psychology, really a good performance, I view your performance also in Darwinex, this is the result when you are consistent and sticking to your system and not being distracted by many methods.

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The EA I’ve been doing has done 20%, manual trading not as good but I keep learning :slight_smile:

I had a fantastic first quarter trading gold. I am up $800 on a $2000 account.