This Week's Question: Finish This Sentence: You’re Meant for Trading if ______

You’re meant for trading if you’re patient, and focused and treat a Demo account as a real one. Always keep studying and improving.

You’re meant for trading if you’re desciplined!
It’s all about risk management, and money management, starts from building a strong trading system, it helps you how to prepare for each trade, to take good decisions, by controlling your psychology first -cuz it gonna help u applying your system in the market-, that gonna -probably- helps u take good decisions even u -probably- gonna lose.
You’re meant for trading if you stick to your system!

BUILD A SYSTEM based on backtest, recalibrate it based on real data. Take a risk as looow as possible, Manage your capital and review your trades on the weekend.


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Thank you, am glad to join this forum to share all what i know in trading