This Week's Question: Finish This Sentence: You’re Meant for Trading if ______

What traits, skills, or characteristics do you believe define someone who is destined for success in trading? Is it a keen analytical mind, a passion for risk-taking, or perhaps an unstoppable determination to succeed in the markets?

Maybe it’s as simple as enjoying the challenge of trading or making more money? Or is it more about not giving up when things get tough?

If there was one sign that told you you were meant for trading, don’t forget to finish this sentence:

“You’re meant for trading if_____.”


You’re meant for trading if you are able to think , analyze and be disciplined: self control

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“You’re meant for trading if you can wait”


You’re meant for trading if you can think in terms of probabilities.


You’re meant for trading if you’re not behaviorally driven by the desire to “be right.”


That’s my answer. I think if someone enjoys a good challenge, then trading may be a good fit.

On the flip side, you never know what someone is made of until he hits rock bottom. A person who is a loser in every aspect of life, after hitting rock bottom in life, could make life changes you’d have never expected.

A big problem most people can relate to is lacking enough money. When you start trading, you see the potential money you can win and the changes that money can make in your life.

So, at first you’re just chasing money. But as the money goals get farther and farther away, you realize that you must make certain changes in yourself in order to advance. That’s where the real growth happens. The market reflects your true self back to you.

You embark on a journey of self-development, and the money is only part of the reward. Before you know it, you’re a very different person.

That said, I’d like to add a second answer to this week’s question.

you’re a complete loser.


You’re meant for trading if you buy low, sell high )

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“______ You believe you can make a small fortune… After starting with a big one…” :wink:

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i) you never give up, and
ii) you have a belief in belief systems and are prepared to stick to plans you create for yourself without lying to yourself about the results, and
iii) you can create a 10X trade, and you have felt the power of doing so


Perhaps an unstoppable determination to succeed in the markets

1 Trading plan
2. Market study
3. Discipline
4. Risk management
5. Patience
6. Journalling

You’re meant for trading if you’re excited for Monday!!

You’re meant for trading if_____

It dominates your every waking thought :upside_down_face:

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You’re meant for trading if “you see challenges as a runway, not a roadblock.” :sparkles:

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You’re meant for trading if you know when to stay out of the market.


You have the ability to be profoundly self aware, enough to be able to check yourself…(before you wreck yourself!! or your account!!)

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You have strict discipline, you are robotic and emotionless. You are able to pick a strategy and not change it. You don’t have undesirable habits like stubbornly holding on to a losing order.

You’re meant for trading if you can learn how to develop a method that’s based on facts rather than on beliefs.

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You’re meant for trading if you want to challenge yourselve to learning a discipline that the greater majority of participants ultimately fail at. It could take years to become profitable. If you can get over that feeling of wanting to quit and you can make it to the next day, week, month, you just might make it.