This Week's Question: How Did You Discover the Forums?

Did you discover the Forums because you were going through the School of Pipsology? Or did you discover the Forums first? If so, was it through a Google search, word of mouth, or sheer psychic abilities? We’d love to know how you ended up here!

Tell us:

How did you discover this part (the Forums) of the interwebz?


I think I saw it mentioned in a couple of books. I think Naked Trader and Volume Trading analysis. The site is highly spoken of in the trading literature.

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Reddit and the all knowing Mr. Google.

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I found Pipsology first, then the forums. I’m so grateful I did!!!

Many of us have different strategies, but the struggle is the same. It’s great to share ideas (and jokes) with each other. It’s also a great benefit to have access to more experienced traders. I’m quite grateful to be here!

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Found the forum first. When I first started getting interested about Fx, I googled “Active Forex trader forums” and this came as the first result.

I didn’t register for about 2 weeks kept browsing, then registered and later found School of Pipsology.

The journey since has been amazing. I would like to take this as an opportunity to express my deepest Gratitude to the each and every member, founders, staff and everyone, If you’re a trader, this is the place to be. Thank you for building such an amazing space.

Hope the future is more prosperous for ALL.


That’s the biggest thing, right. bounce ideas and thoughts off traders who went through it already.

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Started with the School of Pipsology when first getting into FX. Joined Babypips to be able to keep track of progress in the tutorials, which led to finding out about the forums…


First I discovered the school of pipsology after taking my very first Udemy course on forex trading. Then I found the forum after subscribing to the babypips email list.
This platform has taught me a lot!


I first found BabyPips through searching something about Forex on Google. Then I started reading article about news and market psychology as well. Next place was "Learn Forex’ tab, I have learned a lot useful knowledge from the courses here. I think I found the right place, right forum to learn, discuss with people who are interest about FR. I would like to say thank you to admins, operations of Babypips.

by a friend

i just googled learning forex and its the second thing that popped up…i had heard about forex trading but i always thought only large financial institutions are allowed to trade… i began researching and thats when i discovered this great website

By accident…while searching for Forex Ebooks.
I’m glad I bumped into Babypips back then.
A member for almost 3 years now and I’m loving every moment.
How time has flown…and money run!

Oh yeah. That guy who wrote the book “Japanese Candle Sticks” -the famous on. He mentions Babypips in that book.

I was introduced by a friend who’s a trader, he said there’s a place for a beginner to start and learn the basics of trading so he sent me a link then I joined, fortunately today is my first appearance in this platform and I believe I’ll acquire knowledge so much more that’ll solidify my journey of trade.

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reddit and law of gravity, its just what i was looking for

Thru asking the connections between digital signatures,bitcoin nodes,miners,etc., on google search

I wanted to find a specifically forex forum and found babypips through a Google search.

One of my Friends share the link to learn #PrinceRizwan

One of the No nonsense you tube videos .