This week's question: If you don't trade full-time, what's your day job?

A fine solution. I wish I had had the skills to go freelance at something, anything. My best friends have confidently told me I could start an argument with myself in an empty room, and as the public sector is predominantly consensual and collaborative work, they’re maybe not wrong. But they’re both public sector since they left school so not the best judges of the harsh realities of life outside it and the sharp elbows needed.

I have not been the most popular guy in the one public sector and one semi-public sector assignments I have taken on during the past five years. I resigned from the semi-public sector role after eight months, because of nepotism and narcissistic sociopath behaviours of more than one colleague - the most impacting being the guy to whom I directly reported. First time in my career I resigned from an assignment but they say there is always a first time. You should be a project manager. This is how it goes - the six stages of a project, which you probably recognise from your employed days.
1 Enthusiasm
2 Disillusionment
3 Panic
4 Search for the Guilty
5 Punishment of the Innocent
6 Praise and honours for the non-participants

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Actually, you strike a chord. One of my roles after leaving the LA’s was as an assistant project manager, firstly on production of training frameworks, later on seminars for a new career roll-out. It was always a game of catching your own tail - never enough resources at the start, always too much panic at the end.

Maybe project management teaches some good traits for trading. One which I adhere to is always have your Plan B in place and protect its resources before you launch merrily off on Plan A.

I am a security supervisor.

For questions like this one I honestly turn to reddit lol.

Whuuuuut I thought this industry makes $$$! :open_mouth:

Anyone here who’s an influencer? :smiley:

I got it done! 2 thermostats, 2 heating elements, and an expansion tank! Lessons learned:

  • The YouTube plumbers are better at this than you, don’t listen when they say you don’t have to drain the tank if you’re fast enough. You’re not fast enough…

  • Never trust someone else’s breaker labels…OUCH!

  • Plumbers tape is not optional



I am a freelancer and a part-time trader.

I am a full-time software engineer and trade forex to make additional income. I started trading forex as I wasn’t making enough out of my salary to support my family. I have started making good returns with forex trading these days and have plans on continuing it.

You trade stocks? Your experience might come in handy reading through company financial statements. Pick the next Tesla!

Hahaha omg how long did it take you??

I work from home with different avenues hoping trading gives me a full time income soon

Waaay longer than it should have! After I got zapped by 220 I just turned the whole damn house mains off and did the job by flashlight. Also should have drained the tank first. Cleaning up the flooded room took a while. lol. I should probably stick to computers and leave plumbing to the pros. :laughing:

Good gosh. Living a dangerous life there. Hahaha this is exactly why I’d just pay someone lol. I can see me breaking so many things.

Although I have youtubed car stuff and have been successful with those. I think depending on the complexity, it can definitely be DIY-ed. If it will take more than two hours, I’m not doing it :joy:

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Isn’t managing multiple works, along with trading, a difficult thing?