This Week's Question: If You Had Known a Pandemic Was Coming, What Would You Have Done Differently?

Lots of things going on (seems to be the norm for 2020) but I wanted to take a quick breather and ask a semi-fun (albeit useless) question. A what if question!

If you had known, say back in January of 2020, that a pandemic was gonna happen, what would you have done differently? Your answer could be trading-related or could be super different like maybe moving to a different country or maybe buying all the toilet paper!

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For a trader every disaster brings an opportunity so nothing but I would have well prepared myself to search for countries that will be drastically going to be affected to trade strong currency against weak one :slight_smile:


I would not have pad for a holiday in Croatia that I had to cancel (got a full refund quickly though). I would have done more of the things I like before they were either closed off or I felt too cautious to do - going to restaurants, the cinema, travelling to other areas of the country for hiking etc.,

In trading terms, I wish I had had a plan to benefit aggressively from the recovery in the US stock markets. Yes, they fell off a cliff in the spring, but they recovered. In chart terms, its not like I haven’t seen it before, but I was just too negative due to watching the terrible news coverage about global health and trade prospects to get in for the recovery.

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I wouldn’t have left my rugby academy to focus on my GCSEs, instead they just went into lockdown and gave us grades instead of sitting exams

Hi KianM - I’m not familiar with education in the UK currently. Is it possible to take an exam independent of your school/academy, maybe with a different awarding body, even if you have a pass grade?

What I’m wondering is does anything stop people taking an exam until they get the grade they want? Surely, the whole exam process would get easier the more time and practice spent on it?

Yes of course you may sit an exam independent from your own school as they have to follow a lot of regulations.
There are certain exam periods throughout the year and to my knowledge you may sit and exam as much as you want but it is a different exam each time (the content is the same but written differently). The downside is you have to pay for it and if you want it re-marked that too costs a fair bit of money per paper. They can actually take marks away too if they feel you got too many.
Wherever you sit your exam, that centre must register with the exam board and also have a lot of guidelines, then you register with the centre.

Thanks Kian, that’s clear. And it sounds fair enough too. Of course it should be a different paper on different dates and of course the candidate should pay for an optional exam admission and marking. But at least everyone gets the opportunity to get a better grade or to even to get a pass if they failed at first.

It’s a reasonable question, actually. I think if I had known about a pandemic, I would have bought a house somewhere in the countryside to have more space for my family and to be able to walk anytime. :mask:

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Gone out and seen more of the world!


Yeah looks like this happened everywhere. My nieces and nephews got that same thing, too.

Exactly. I thought the same thing!

Yes, truly would be nice! Good luck getting a house in the suburbs that’s not overpriced these days.

I’m optimistic we’ll be able to do that in the future. Just don’t ask when lol!