This Week's Question: Is There Anything You're Looking Forward to Before 2022 Ends?

There seems to be a neverending list of factors that can and are contributing to uncertainty in the markets right now so how about we take a break from that and think of something …positive?

What are you most excited about that will happen before this year ends?

For me personally, I’m excited about Thanksgiving and the holidays and finally seeing everyone again!


The way you phrased this question suggests that things to do with the market right now are not positive but negative. I submit to you that despite people losing their shirts and wringing their hands there are many many others who are having the best times in their lives with it and making a killing
As to what I am looking forward to before 2022 ends topping the list would be winning the lottery.


At least it the football world cup but not the same as having it in Autumn/winter northern hemisphere


Becoming a ZEN practitioner.


Health and safety for everyone!

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A trip to Tropea in Italy in a few weeks and skiing over NYE!


Wow. That sounds amazing! We’d love to see photos afterwards!

Going away to a lodge for a few days on bank holiday Monday - Thursday and Spain booked for the end of September. Looking forward to it!

Spend the holiday season at a very luxurious hotel.

Next month we’re taking a family vacation to the beach, so I’m super excited for that. None of my kids have ever been. We took my oldest daughter to Tennessee when she was around one, but none of them have ever seen the beach and it’s our first family vacation with our entire family.

Also, excited about the holidays as well. I love Halloween and Christmas, always go overboard decorating, do crafts and baking with my kids, and they’re getting old enough to get into nostalgic movies now.

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