This Week's Question: Trading and "Self-Care" Tips - What Do You Do If You're Having a Bad Day?

We can’t all have great days and when those bad days do happen - bad trading day, terrible personal news, or just feeling crummy in general… what do you do to feel better? Do you have any go-to routines that usually work to brighten your mood?

If you were to give tips to a friend having a really bad day, what would you recommend them to try?

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Talking to your partner, and asking them to talk to you. This is probably rare for anyone married over 30 years, but my partner has that very unusual ability to absorb my anger, take away my negative thoughts and just be there for me for the past 33 years. Without a doubt, the best antidote for a bad hair day ever.


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Physical excercise is agreat way of diffusing negativity - go for a strong 25 minute walk - clears the mind almost every time !

Go out and celebrate. Enjoy your time.

That’s true! We all have bad days sometimes…
Something that I find helpful is working out, listening music and after that, watching a movie or a tv show to distract myself.

Hope this helps!

First step is close all your charts and stop trading for the day.

Just let it go. Whatever losses there were, forget about it. It’s gone. It’s over. Go do something else. Watch tv, talk to someone (not about trading), go out somewhere. Clear your head.

Hi there
A bad day, well define a bad day, 1 loss is not a bad day, but, a few is a bad day, so I would advise them to stop trading for the day, do 1 of three things.

  1. Walk away, go and do something fun, water the garden, watch a comedy or have coffee with a friend and vent.
  2. Stop trading, go and re-analyse why it was a bad day, why did you take those trades and why did it go wrong, the worst you can do is revenge trade, you will lose more.
  3. Read a book, watch a you tube vid or something to educate yourself on your mistakes, why you made them, re-look at your strategy, go and back test it and ensure you are sticking to the rules. i mean, your strategy has been back tested right?

Good luck and always remember, half the battle is trading psychology