This Week's Question: What are Some Trading Phrases You Use or Encounter a Lot?

Maybe it’s a phrase you initially didn’t know about or maybe it’s something you actually use a lot.

Some examples:

  • A falling knife has no handle
  • Buy the rumor, sell the news
  • The trend is your friend

What are some of yours?

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  • First you Learn, then you remove the L

Something I use a lot. Not only for trading for almost everything in life.

  • At first learn how not to make profit, How not to Lose money.

Something I encounter a lot from lot of traders who were in the “game” a long time.

Both phrases are life savers.

Additionally another phrase I love and need to use more and more in all areas of life.

  • Trust but Verify

(I first heard this from a TV show, ever since then I am trying to use this more and more in my life)

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Nobody ever lost money taking profit… or something to that effect. Basically allowing yourself to take profit instead of just holding.

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Pull the trigger or jump on the gun