This Week's Question: What New Thing Did You Try Last Week?

As always, this question can be trading-related or completely about something else. Maybe you tried trading differently, maybe you tried Indian food for the first time, maybe you tried cleaning your room for the first time in your life. Whatever it is, we’d all love to know!

For me personally, I tried two new things last week: a seabass tempura (absolutely delicious) and also trying out kraken which isn’t food-related but crypto-related. Heh.

What about you? What new thing did you try last week?


I started doing something last week too, Actually from the beginning of this month. I started learning Chinese language. Downloaded bunch of video lessons from YouTube and found some websites and started learning it slowly. Progress has been slow but for the last 13 days I was able to learn a lot. But still a long way to go.

(I feel like I should mention the motivation for this too, I’m from Sri Lanka, and China is actually, slowly taking over our country, a lot of lands are already under 99 year lease for China, and they are starting many new projects this year too. it is predicted within next decade Chinese language will have a bigger place in our country, so felt like it was time to start learning the language.)

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I tried something new last week, which is a foreign exchange strategy.

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Oh wow I didn’t realize this. Do you have a lot of Chinese friends there?

That’s awesome. How did it work for you?

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I live somewhat middle of the country in a semi-rural area. They haven’t settles around our area yet. But in our capital city, and harbor areas (Where Chinese contractors projects are ongoing) the population is increasing. So for now I don’t have any Chinese friends but I’m sure within next few years it’ll automatically change when we have to make more interactions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried gochujang last week. I liked how soft the heat was, it didn’t burn my mouth like regular hot pepper.

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