This Week's Question: What New Thing Did You Try Last Week?

As always, this question can be trading-related or completely about something else. Maybe you tried trading differently, maybe you tried Indian food for the first time, maybe you tried cleaning your room for the first time in your life. Whatever it is, we’d all love to know!

For me personally, I tried two new things last week: a seabass tempura (absolutely delicious) and also trying out kraken which isn’t food-related but crypto-related. Heh.

What about you? What new thing did you try last week?


I started doing something last week too, Actually from the beginning of this month. I started learning Chinese language. Downloaded bunch of video lessons from YouTube and found some websites and started learning it slowly. Progress has been slow but for the last 13 days I was able to learn a lot. But still a long way to go.

(I feel like I should mention the motivation for this too, I’m from Sri Lanka, and China is actually, slowly taking over our country, a lot of lands are already under 99 year lease for China, and they are starting many new projects this year too. it is predicted within next decade Chinese language will have a bigger place in our country, so felt like it was time to start learning the language.)


I tried something new last week, which is a foreign exchange strategy.

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Oh wow I didn’t realize this. Do you have a lot of Chinese friends there?

That’s awesome. How did it work for you?

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I live somewhat middle of the country in a semi-rural area. They haven’t settles around our area yet. But in our capital city, and harbor areas (Where Chinese contractors projects are ongoing) the population is increasing. So for now I don’t have any Chinese friends but I’m sure within next few years it’ll automatically change when we have to make more interactions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried gochujang last week. I liked how soft the heat was, it didn’t burn my mouth like regular hot pepper.

I discovered a strategy derived from it so that the success of the deals is guaranteed by 90% or 99% God willing
I have a result last week based on this strategy.
I’ll publish the results hopefully two months later again.
right That was great content.
Thank you so much.

Yes that’s what I love about it too! What kind of dish was it that you had gochujang with? :slight_smile:

Filled my bag will some HEX, bought on DEX, Uniswap specifically. Not so easy as click and click and done.

,Pasta sauce.
Later we also put it in a veggie stew we make regularly.

Ooooh! Why did I not think of that!!! You have a recipe link?

It’s a pretty popular stew here, but every family usually makes it with a twist of their own. We don’t have ours written down but I’ll ask and get back to you when I get it.

If I can make it in my crockpot, I need you to send it to me lol.

Okay, I finally got the recipe! It’s for five or six portions portions:

2 average-sized onions, diced in cubes or thin slices
3-4 average-sized carrots, sliced in circles
3 smallish aubergines, diced in cubes, soaked in salty water and then rinsed to remove the dark, bitter juice
a handful of green beans, cut in pieces
2-3 sweet green peppers, sliced small pieces
2-3 sweet red peppers, sliced the same
The cloves of entire garlic bulb
A handful of okra, soaked and vinegar and then rinsed, so it wouldn’t be slimy
500-600g potatoes, diced in cubes
600-800g peeled and diced tomatoes
1 spoon tomato paste
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon gochujang
Several sprigs of parsley, coriander or other herb to your taste, diced in small pieces, or dried green herbs if you prefer.
4-5 spoons of vegetable oil

Caramelize the onion on medium heat in a pot with the oil until it’s golden, then add the two types of pepper, the carrots and the the green beans, then sautee everything another 3-4 minutes, stir it often. Once that is done, form a crater in the middle of the ingredients to bare the heated bottom of the pot, add the paprika and fry it in the crater for 2-3 minutes by stirring it constantly without mixing it with the other igredients Be careful not to burn it or it will become bitter. Stop the frying by adding a few spoons of hot water, then mix everything together. Add the tomato paste and gochujang and mix everything together.

Lower the heat, add the aubergines,and sweat everything on low heat for another 10 minutes. Stir occasionally and always close the lid after. Add the potatoes, garlic, rinsed okra and the diced tomatoes, add 200-300ml hot water, add salt to taste, close the lid and let it boil on low heat for 2-2.5 hours, or until everything is tender. Add the green herbs when you turn off the heat. If the stew is too sour to your taste because of all the tomatoes, you can add a teaspoon of sugar or more to neutralize the sourness.

It’s traditionally served cold in a bowl, sprinkled with feta cheese and a little bit of olive oil.

I love the average sized and smallish size descriptions! But what I love more is that it uses an entire garlic bulb!

Also wait: is this the pasta sauce? :open_mouth: Or is this more like soup? I’m curious about the fact that this is served cold! What would you call this dish?

Haha, I just relayed the family recipe as it was given to me

It’s meant to look like a thick stew. Something like this (this is not a photo I took):

Traditionallly, this recipe is prepared in a clay pot that’s put in the oven for those final 2-2.5 hours and then served the next day when it has cooled down completely and been chilled in a fridge to thicken even further, as it’s considered a cooling, refreshing summer meal. It needs so long so all the flavours of the various veggies would get to know each other and mix well, haha. It can be served immediately after cooking, it’s just even better the next day.

It’s called gyuvetch - that is also the name of the clay pot it’s prepared in (traditionally).

This is doable. Im going to have to try it maybe next week. I’ll prob omit the okra though as I hate the sliminess and just in general do not like it lol.

Sometimes we omit the okra too.
What happened though, did you manage to try it?

Haven’t had the chance to grocery shop but doing that this week! Hopefully I get to make it with the ingredients I have! I recently made beef stew but ran out of gochujang! Will post a pic when I make it!

Also: what is the difference in taste between aubergines and eggplants?