This Week's Question: What Skills Do You Have Now That Will Let You Survive the Apocalypse?

This week’s topic isn’t too much about trading-related. It is though, about what other skills you currently possess outside of being on your computer looking at charts and entering trades… that is if you have any.

If the apocalypse is set to happen tomorrow, what skills do you CURRENTLY possess that will allow you to survive? (Also completely okay to say you will not survive it. Ha. I for one, will probably be the first to admit this!)

What about you? Perhaps you’re a car mechanic, maybe you have farm animals, or maybe really good with navigation (without Google Maps, please!)? What skill can you bring to the apocalypse team?


I am an engineer and like to “fix stuff” or repurpose it. I spend a lot of time contemplating what preparation we should make for if and when it hits the fan. I’d like to think that we are more prepared than most to live through the apocalypse. There is stuff that you can prepare for and there is stuff that it is futile to prepare for. The trick is to know what you can influence and what you can’t. So I have no plans to live through a meteor strike that wipes out all humans. The only one I know with those plans is Elon Musk.

But if apocalypse means supply chain interruption, temporary loss of civil control (police, army, etc) then we are as prepared as the next guy.


Love the question :slight_smile:
I would probably not survive a real Apocalypse, but for a lesser tragedy, I have some skills from teenhood. I always loved the mountains, forest and learning things. Thus, I have very basic knowledge on edible mushrooms and herbs, can light a fire in the forest or purify water to drink, navigate well with a map and somewhat get general direction without it, have had first aid trainings and maybe even remember some of it :slight_smile: With knife (or preferably a hatchet) I can build simple hut or other simple shelter from the rain.
This should be enough to survive few days in the wild and take care of someone.

Yet I don’t believe, that apocalypse would be just an easy forest survival exercise :slight_smile: If we talk about adding wild animals, possible radiation, military conflict, other (not necessarily peaceful) survivors - I’d be doomed :wink:


Had a lot of fun with this proposition on another forum around 15 years ago - The situation we postulated was a HUGE Solar event - The Magnetic storm from which destroyed all electronics - Computers of course, but also all modern cars, banking, records of property ownership - all kept electronically.

So money became meaningless and there was no incentive for the police and / or military to remain in place since they could not be paid !

Nobody in cities, towns or suburbia had much of a chance since they all became cannibals - or were eaten.

A bunch of around 20 of us got ourselves to a pre-determined castle in wales and then the fun started !

I’ll leave it there for now - but when thinking about this, one may be tempted to study the “Stanford Prison Experiment !”

[ Unfortunately the “Woke” have gotten hold of it and are even now trying to belittle it’s hugely important results ! - There are many other records of it and the reader is advised to find a real one - rather than a “post-modern” evaluation of it - because the real “Apoclypse” will be significantly lacking in “Wokeness” :rofl: ]


Oy vey… I’m gone. (Most likely)

But on a more serious note. I’ve watched many apocalyptic movies and things I learned from them may help, depends of the type of the apocalypse
Zombies (Like in I am Legend, Zombieland, walking dead,) when I think of it there are so many zombie related apocalyptic movies and shows to take tips from…,

solar flair, (Like in Maze runner…) ,

Flood or other natural disastrous thingy like in 2012 or Day after tomorrow…

Or many be it’s like in Love and Monsters small insects becoming HUGE human eating things…

Well whatever that may be it’ll be time to use the tips shown on those movies and try to survive for some time… Well I’ll be too dead to do any of that anyway… so here we go…

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My answer would depend on which of the two apocalypses you mean.
One definition says a total destruction of the world which I assume to mean NO survivors. The other definition says great damage but that damage could be by water, Covid-19, or any number of things so a bit more information would be useful because different skill sets would come into play…
Next week you could ask if anyone believes aliens exist.

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I am good looking.


The whole world will not survive on the Day of Resurrection, and no creature or anything will survive except Allah Almighty.

Trading commodities! :smiley:


I’ve read Max Brook’s book already, “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”.

When the sh*t hits the fan, you won’t have time to pick up a book.

If you want to survive, you make sure I survive first.

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You can always learn the skills before the apocalypse. Rednecks seem to be a good source of “how to”


Why would anyone want to survive an apocalypse anyway?

Great thought, but maybe it’s not a question of survival in the hypothetical, perhaps is it possible that a person could use this thinking in real life - right now.

The word ‘apocalypse’ is not a reference to end of things - it’s actually the opposite, it means to disclose or reveal (revelation) .- i.e insight.

Another word for insight is knowledge - and knowledge is the beginning - not the end :slight_smile:



Seriously I have none…I am overweight, unfit, have mild autism…I would be fucked lol

I am good at computers, trading, etc none of which are transferable skills to an apocalpyse


I can prepare 5 star meals without electricity :wink:


I can go for days without actually getting hungry :slight_smile:

These are very valuable skills! Assuming there will be no violence involved, I think you’ll be just fine!

15 years ago! Wow. That was way before “A Walking Dead” existed!

Loved that movie. Beautiful CG, amazing creatures!

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The ultimate key to survival!

Valid question.

There are far too many of us who will not survive.

We found the intermittent faster!

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