This Week's Question: What's the Most Helpful Thing Someone Said to You While You Were Struggling with Something?

As always, this could be trading-related or just life in general. Some common answers to this question:

  1. This too shall pass.
  2. You can do it. I believe in you.
  3. You’re not alone.

Personally, when I’m in a difficult situation, it helps when someone gives me perspective as in “You can’t win all the time.”

How about you? What phrase/words have comforted you when you needed it most?


Above the clouds…the sun’s always shining.


Comforted ? - Probably not - but both profound and true ;

I was working foreman on a Road project - putting in Manholes and big drains when we accidentally breached an adjacent river, flooding the road and as fast as we tried to stem the breach with our JCB, the stuff we threw in just got washed away by the rushing water and the breach got bigger.

Then seeing in the distance the canteen (it was breakfast time) and my boss’s car parked there I got into mine and sped down to seek assistance.

As i arrived he was finishing his breakfast and I hurriedly explained my predicament - His response as he got in hs car and drove away was something of an education I shall NEVER Forget !

“Calm down boy and have your breakfast - your problem will still be there for you when you finish - Nobody is going to rush in and solve it for you !”


Ah yesss definitely something I tell myself when I’m running around in circles panicking over a problem. No reason to be panicking/anxious. Think about possible solutions, plan, and then execute. But alas, all this is easier said than done :joy:


There are several. But for now, my top one is:

A snake can only shed its skin against sharp rocks.


Two pieces of advice which really annoyed me at some difficult times but which helped -

If you can’t find the best place to start a job, just start it right here right now and let the job tell you.

If you only want a job to take 5 minutes, wait until there is only 5 minutes left to do it.


Leave it for today. Let’s go and celebrate. First round on me.


most definitely…

This question brings back so many memories, and just when I’m about to go to bed! :sweat_smile: I just remembered how my group of best friends would say “We’ll listen” whenever I’m going through anything. :blush: Sometimes, they don’t really have to say anything. Sometimes, knowing they’ll listen is enough.


Aww I love this. Whoever said this to you is a v good friend. :slight_smile:

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  • Don’t be afraid to fail. (tattoo worthy)
  • Fail often, fail quickly.

I experience great courage, when people say you can do it, I believe in you

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