Thomas Kralow University SCAM FAKE results

I am ashamed to admit it but I got scammed out of $2,480 by Thomas Kralow University

One of the worst programmes same things repeated over and over same stuff I have seen on the most basic forex websites and I think all his trading results are photoshopped.

Claims on his website he has made $9.15 million in trading profits but when I asked Thomas Kralow for them he sent me some photoshopped results from 3 years ago.

Have heard nothing back from his team despite numerous requests to refund the money has just ignored me despite a 30 day guarantee I guess he needed it for the oil change on his Ferrari.

Constantly saw him popping up on my facebook and Instagram showing fast cars like a Ferrari and nice house and was silly enough to fall for it.

Worse thing is I can’t even go on any website without his scam popping up, his adverts even pop up on the corner of my email page. I even went on my gym webpage to book a class and there you go Thomas Kralow and his Ferrari pop up. It’s like he is following me everywhere showing his fast cars which I am guessing my course money is paying for and I can’t stop the ads. But when I want answers about his fake results nothing.

The Thomas Kralow Trustpilot looked good but someone told me he has just paid for all those fake reviews.

Just another lifestyle guru using course money to pay for his fast cars and lavish lifestyle at our expense.